CVS Pharmacy Files Trademark to enter NFT and the Metaverse worlds

CVS Pharmacy reportedly filed a trademark application to offer
CVS Pharmacy reportedly filed a trademark application to offer "downloadable virtual goods" in the Metaverse.

There has been a boom in interest in NFTs and the Metaverse in recent months. NFTs and the Metaverse have been adopted by a variety of industries. Art, fashion, film, music, and sport are among them. The healthcare sector in several nations has been hesitant to adopt new technologies. CVS Pharmacy reportedly filed a trademark application to offer “downloadable virtual goods” in the Metaverse. The filing contains four trademarks that were registered on February 28 but were revealed this Friday.

CVS plans to sell prescription medications and other drugstore supplies in a virtual drugstore, according to the statement. NFTs would subsequently be used by CVS to validate the products and sales.

CVS follows major brands

CVS’s action comes after Walmart submitted trademark applications in the Metaverse to open virtual storefronts. Multiple big names have entered the NFT and Metaverse sector by filing their trademark applications to the corresponding authorities. A few days back, the California-based energy drink company Monster Energy also filed four pending trademark applications linked to NFT and metaverse world.

Last year, a major name in the designing and footwear industry, Nike, also revealed that it eyes straight on newer goals and plans to enter the Metaverse by doing the same.

The Future of Healthcare: Virtual Drugstores

As the United States attempts to reclaim some kind of normality following the COVID-19 outbreak, the medical field will undoubtedly need to consider the advantages of blockchain, cryptos, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

CVS is the newest addition in the digital asset world after the healthcare sector experienced positive benefits like the elimination of the paper trail and the availability of patient medical records on a distributed blockchain, which would offer data points to support the fight against virus and illness.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology has played an important role in the medical field. MDS Mexico recently launched a platform for COVID test reports analysis where it integrated blockchain to ease the system.