Deal Box Dedicates $125M to Web3.0 Startups in Tech

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Deal Box, a United States-based capital markets advisory and secure token offering packaging platform has come up with a new venture capital arm that would invest up to $125 million in Web3.0 startups.

The industries targeted with this fund are those that leverage Web3.0 technologies in key markets including Emerging Growth, Real Estate, FinTech, FunTech, and Social Impact. 

As per a statement made by Thomas Carter, founder, and chairman of Deal Box, “We created Deal Box to give companies and entrepreneurs better access to the capital markets, providing everything they need from due diligence to analytics, to valuation analysis, to get a deal funded – all in a box.” 

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Speaking of the newly launched $125 million fund “Deal Box Venture is an important milestone in our journey to invest in the most promising and disruptive blockchain startup, providing them with the tools and funding ecosystem they need to be successful by simplifying and reimaging traditional financing models.”

Deal Box Improves its Offerings

Deal Box was launched more than a decade ago and has since then offered services such as offering entrepreneurs legal, accounting, and capitalization table advice. A core section of the company is the provision of access to digital securities. Firms are able to access investors’ capital through the issuance of tokenized bonds or equity.

In tandem with its Web3.0 investment scheme, the company has completed investments in Total Network Services. This is a startup that claims to have designed a Universal Communication Identifier to boost supply chain security, Rypplzz a blockchain-inclined company that links real life and digital objects for the location-based experience.

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Forward-Edge AI is a company that leverages namesake technology to improve the human condition. The core solution offered by Deal Box to these entities was focused on proffering a solution to a device identity problem. 

Similarly, a venture capital firm known as Venom Ventures Funds (VVF) has dedicated a $1 billion fund to Web3.0 projects that are solving real-life problems by leveraging blockchain technology.

According to VVF, the fund’s focus will be on the usefulness, usability, and profitability of the proposed business. Ordinarily, the firm targets businesses in software, biotech, and clean energy that are technology-driven, however, no specific project was mentioned for this $1 billion fund.

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