Developers to Receive a Version of Solana Mobile Phone Next Month


In preparation for the release of the Solana mobile phones known as Saga, pre-production versions of the phones are scheduled to be shipped off to developers on December 15th. Ahead of the Saga phone release in the first quarter of 2023, these developers will commence testing decentralized applications for the Solana dApp store on the phones.

In anticipation of this testing phase with developers, an update published by Breakpoint Lisbon attested to the fact that over 35,000 developer-focused kits have been produced and packaged, waiting for December 15th. The only thing left unfinished is the release of the software which is already in its final testing stage.

To begin with, the first recipients of the package will be developers who hold a copy of the Saga Pass.

This is an early membership Non-fungible token (NFT) that was awarded to those who embraced the phone during its introduction phase. For now, only one mint of these digital collectibles has been organized, another may take place in the near future.

Once the Solana phones and kit get to the developers, they will be expected to carry out a trial with the Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) and the Seed Vault on the phones to ascertain how the phone stores private security keys. 

Was Saga Phone Responsible for SOL Price Jump?

Announced eight months ago, Saga was introduced by Solana Mobile as a flagship crypto-first Android phone. The phone was designed to possess ‘Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1, 12GB of RAM, 512GM of Flash, 6.67” OLED display’ specifications. The phones are integrated with SMS in addition to inputs from OSOM Privacy. 

After the launch in 2023, each of the Saga phones will be sold for $1,000. Meanwhile, interested customers can join the waitlist for the phone for only $100.

Pre-ordering has started already. Since the announcement of the Saga phone launch, there has been speculation on how much the release will mean for the native token of the Solana blockchain, SOL. 

To enumerate, immediately after the announcement in July, the price of the SOL token grew by 2%. Not yet certain, there exists a possibility that the bullishness encountered in terms of the coin was a result of the Saga phone alert.

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