Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) – Decentralized Digital Store of Value


Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) is a digital asset created out of the need for a decentralized Store of Value (SoV) in today’s world. Due to a global recession and a destabilized financial system, the necessity for a decentralized, transferrable, and digital SoV is more critical now than ever. There are a few unique characteristics that position DRC to become a digital SoV pending global adoption.

DRC is Deflationary

DRC has a purely deflationary economic model. 100% of the total DRC token supply was issued to the secondary market (Uniswap exchange). DRC’s smart contract audit has certified that no more DRC tokens can ever be minted in the future.

DRC is Indivisible

Unlike the majority of tokens available on the market, DRC tokens are indivisible and cannot be broken down under 1 DRC. This makes DRC tokenomics more comprehensible for regular users.

DRC is Accessible

DRC was created with a low price point and intentionally small market cap, to allow early adopters to establish inexpensive exposure to DRC if they believe it will have a larger market in the future.

DRC is Community-Controlled

DRC has a community-driven ecosystem. No one has control over DRC as it has fully decentralized structure. The DRC Foundation has been created by the DRC community to define DRC strategy and the road map.

DRC Has Fair Distribution Model

DRC has a fair distribution model. All the DRC supply of 1 Billion tokens was issued directly to the market. DRC did not have ICO and founders/developers never received any funds from investors in any form.

Digital Reserve by DRC

DRC is planning to launch the Digital Reserve platform in Q1 2021. Digital Reserve is an online platform where DRC holders can get easy exposure to the basket of the most efficient SoV assets to preserve their capital and hedge inflation risks. This will help DRC holders to link their DRC value to the value of other SoV assets with the sustainable and strong historical performance.

The Future of DRC

With increased adoption, DRC can serve as an efficient hedge against inflation. As global financial markets experience recession, DRC provides economic scarcity and a zero-inflation rate. As inflation is increasing globally, especially in developing countries, a digital store of value such as DRC is needed to serve as a hedge against economic instability and uncertainty.

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