Dish Network and Helium team-up to deploy 5G network Powered by Cryptocurrency


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Dish Network customers who deploy a 5G node and expand the distributed network will be rewarded with HNT tokens. Helium, a blockchain-based wireless network startup, announced today that it is collaborating with Dish Network on its forthcoming next-generation 5G network.

Helium uses distributed ledger technology to organize and commercialize underutilized Internet resources. Helium’s crowdsourced, decentralized mobile mesh network provides an infrastructure for the coming transition from 4G to 5G network as the primary connectivity protocol.

The goal of the platform is to provide peer-to-peer networking, overcome mobile coverage gaps, enable cost-effective IoT solutions, and give connectivity for mission-critical applications in public safety and other work areas while allowing users to profit from their own personal network assets.

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Helium’s partnership with Dish Network

The Helium project, which is creating a decentralized wireless network with cryptocurrency to bootstrap itself, has shown that user-run wireless networks may be created with token incentives, with its original Internet of Things (IoT) network now housing more than 250,000 active nodes.


It’s now attempting to accomplish the same thing through 5G access and has formed a new collaboration with Dish Network, which will give millions of its multi-billion monthly subscribers’ access to the network.

Digital economy needs faster transaction times

The Helium network wasn’t built to handle cellphones, tablets, and laptops, however, the joint 5G network developed in collaboration with FreedomFi will. Similarly, consumers who set up the new 5G nodes and establish the distributed network of service will be rewarded with HNT crypto coins that may be exchanged for different cryptocurrencies at an exchange.

Over the course of 2021, HNT has seen its value rise dramatically, with prices starting at $1.36 per coin according to CoinGecko in January and peaking at $26.43 in August. It is now worth more than $21 per coin, as of this writing.

Millions of Dish Network subscribers will have access to helium’s ecosystem thanks to this new agreement. In addition, since blockchain transactions are faster than traditional wire transfers, the numerous transactions that will be required to power the widely utilized 5G network may profit from earning coins.

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