Do Kwon is reportedly in Europe, promises to meet with authorities soon


Do Kwon, the infamous Terraform Labs co-founder, is rumored to be in Europe. He promised to set up a conference soon and reveal his secret location. The South Korean, against whom the Interpol have issued a Red Notice, even invited law enforcement officials to attend this meeting.

According to local reports, Terra co-founder’s recent location may have been in Europe. Reporter Lee Do-yoon alleged that “Kwon’s passport has been invalidated as of today, and it is understood that he is currently in Europe.”

The massive crash of Terra in May cost investors millions of dollars, and it spread fear throughout the whole crypto industry.

Do Kwon, the project’s co-founder, was naturally questioned by a large number of those who were impacted as well as South Korean officials to determine what caused the collapse. Moreover, he was also the subject of a tax evasion investigation by the South Korean authorities. They asserted that he avoided paying taxes by giving tokens to family members. However, he appeared hesitant to comply and departed his country. 

Where is Do Kwon?

Over the previous few months, there have been numerous hints from various sources that Kwon was frequently shifting locations, including Singapore, Dubai, Seychelles, and Mauritius and even reported missing by the Singapore Police Force.

The co-founder claimed they “have been spreading falsehood” and cleared that he is not hiding. In a previous conversation he said: “Unless we are friends, have plans to meet, or are involved in a GPS-based Web3 game you have no business knowing my GPS coordinates.”

It is interesting to note that recently Kwon has shown a humble approach and came forward to take responsibility for the disastrous crash. He stated in a tweet that he would expose his location and extended an invitation to law enforcement for the meeting. Even more, the co-founder of Terra offered to cover individuals who would travel by plane to the offered meeting.

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