Dropbox Shuts Down Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan


File hosting service Dropbox has blamed crypto miners for its decision to suspend its unlimited cloud storage plan. In a blog post, the renowned cloud storage company announced plans to move to a metered storage policy on its Dropbox Advanced plan

“There is no action required today from the vast majority of our customers, who will be able to keep their existing storage and more for up to five years at no additional charge,” Dropbox commented.

Dropbox New Customers to Receive 15TB Storage 

Consequently, customers who purchase a Dropbox Advanced plan with three active licenses will be entitled to only 15TB of storage space shared by the team. Storage add-ons will be made available for new customers who wants additional space from September 18th. 

On the other hand, existing customers would have to wait till November 1st to purchase additional storage at 1TB for $10/month if purchased monthly or $8/month if purchased annually.

Crypto Miners Allegedly Misuse Dropbox Storage 

Markedly, the firm pointed out that its decision was triggered by the alarming number of users who have been utilizing its space for crypto mining operations.

These users are exploiting the unlimited storage for personal use while some went as far as reselling them. Dropbox claims that the crypto miners and reselllers were misusing the unlimited storage for storing too much data.

This misappropriation put a strain on Dropbox’ resources and made it difficult for genuine users who have need for the storage to get the performance they needed. In the event of increased need, customers would be required to provide an additional active license which will give them only 5TB of data.

Dropbox Existing Customers Gets Extra Storage

Customers who have access to less than 35TB of storage per license, which is over 99% of Advanced customers, can continue to use the total amount of storage available to their team at the time the notification was sent. Also, they will get an extra 5TB credit for pooled storage. This will be valid for five years at no additional cost to their existing plan. 

The remaining 1% which have access to more than 35TB storage per license, will also be allowed to continue using their current storage at the time they were notified. Thereafter, they will be receive extra 5TB credit of pooled storage but unlike those with less than 35TB, this will only be valid for one year at no additional cost.

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