Edward Snowden “feels the urge” to buy Bitcoin amid crypto winter

In the past, the American whistleblower has lauded Bitcoin for the freedom-promoting qualities that it possesses.

Since the price of Bitcoin recently reached its all-time low for 2022, many people who are interested in the cryptocurrency believe that the moment has come to make a purchase. The former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden is one of those people. 

Snowden stated on Monday that he is “feeling the urge to scale back in” to Bitcoin. The American whistleblower added that this is the “first time in a while” that this has occurred.

He included a Bitcoin price chart as an attachment to his statement that he issued on Twitter. This was the first time he had shared a statement of this nature.

Notably, in March 2020, Snowden “felt like buying BTC” after “Black Thursday,” which followed the jump in the BTC price showing an increase from $3,000 to $64,000 in the subsequent year.

Regarding the tweet that was posted on Monday, Snowden provided clarification by saying:

“This is actually not financial advice, since I have zero financial education and no idea what I’m doing.”

The former computer intelligence consultant advised users to “practice safe DEX” when trading cryptocurrencies to protect themselves from the potential for loss associated with using centralized exchanges.

Snowden’s love for Bitcoin

In the past, Snowden has lauded Bitcoin for the freedom-promoting qualities that it possesses. However, the whistleblower has also attacked Bitcoin for its lack of privacy. 

Snowden was one of six people that contributed to the development of ZCash, a cryptocurrency with a greater emphasis on users’ privacy. It is important to note that last year, he was quite against the idea of CBDCs, or digital currencies issued by central banks calling it an ‘evil twin’ of cryptocurrencies.

Snowden mentioned that he still holds the belief that there is “trouble ahead” for the cryptocurrency markets, which is a sentiment that is shared by many people in the wake of the failure of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX last week.