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A new gem, the EGO token, the native token of the Paysenger ecosystem, is ready for its public token presale, which is scheduled to hold on April 4 on Tokensoft. This token is the first token to be launched on the Tokensoft platform based on Binance smart chain, and a total of  35,000,000 EGO tokens (3.5% of the total supply) have been allocated for the Public Presale for $0.05 per EGO. Investors can join this public presale here. 

In today’s world, where communication is vital, and fans crave to communicate with their idols, this communication must be done effortlessly, which is the goal of Paysenger. Paysenger creates a new way of communication by monetizing communication, thus making blockchain technology more accessible to a large audience. Now more than ever, fans can attract attention to their message or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with fiat or the EGO token. They can choose which format they want, whether it be a chat, a conference, or just a video greeting, by leveraging the services of Paysenger.


At the Crypto Expo 2022 conference in Dubai, the Paysenger project received the Best ICO 2022 award. This award was given because of the great interest from financial and crypto funds in the project at the Crypto Expo.

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Paysenger also participated in the blockchain conference in Dubai. Our project is listed on the launchpad ICO holder and to prove its credibility further, the EGO token has one of the highest ratings of about 4.03.

In the last 12 months, we have successfully raised $2M during the Strategic and Seed Round, launched a  Web Version of the application, acquired the first 100 000 users, launched the beta version of the mobile app, and formed a team of 85 professionals.

For the achievement of the roadmap, we  boarded different advisors. One of the key project advisors is Ian Scarffe. He held 119 ICO and attracted $600m + in value. Ian Scarffe said, “Ego goal is to transform the blockchain by making the technology easier to a large audience making tech easier” 

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Timo Trippler added, “ Paysenger adds a new dimension to communication where human attention becomes a valuable resource. We create a seamless way for experts and influencers to monetise their interactions. Our platform will provide a reliable financial filter and highlight the most valuable offers while rewarding users for their time and attention.”

In the next 12 months, we hope to achieve our  tokensoft Presale, which starts on the 4th of April, IDO at Summer, Launch of the Paysenger app (mobile version), and the Acquisition of 5million users.

About Paysenger

Paysenger is a next-level communication platform that allows users to monetize their influence. The internet is filled with lots of content, but it’s challenging to keep the attention of audiences who are easily distracted. Now brands and influencers can attract attention to their messages or call by paying for the recipient’s attention with fiat or the EGO token.

Communication is said to be the best way to connect with people personally. Paysenger is offering to bridge the gap between experts or media personalities and fans through the EGO token, an internal payment instrument. In addition, the token liquidity is secured by a mass audience who wishes to pay for communication with experts or idols and influencers who want to reach out to more listeners.

Experts or influencers can use the communication platform to earn money from their content and communicate with the audience on a new level. On the other hand, the audience members can directly contact their favorite influencers, tokenize responses from their idols, and earn on paid surveys from brands. 

Furthermore, users can convert media content into nonfungible tokens and save or sell the digital assets on the internal marketplace for EGO tokens.

EGO is undoubtedly a project to get excited about, and you do not want to miss out on this presale. So, sign up here to become an investor.

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