El Salvador President Refute Bloomberg BTC Criticism

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele has refuted several claims made in a Bloomberg report about the nation’s Bitcoin (BTC) experiment.

Specifically, Bukele said the report was rather full of lies and that the media was only interested in a selection of issues. He took to Twitter to address the fact that Bloomberg called the decision of El Salvador to make BTC a legal tender a failure.

“This article is full of lies, which is standard for Bloomberg…But what is most surprising is how the mainstream media suddenly cares so much about El Salvador. Corrupt politicians plundered 37 billion dollars from our state coffers and they never wrote one single article,” Bukele clarified

According to the Bloomberg article, the El Salvadoran president’s aim to revolutionize the country’s financial economy problems with the introduction of BTC is failing miserably.

The Bloomberg reporter also talked about what prompted Bukele’s BTC law decision. Furthermore, a picture was illustrated to portray the current situation of El Salvador in contrast with the disposition of its citizens towards cryptocurrencies.

El Salvadorans Blames Bukele

Based on the reporter’s interaction with El Salvadorans, he discovered that a majority of them hold no enthusiasm toward BTC, instead, they were filled with disdain.

With all of this information, the reporter came up with a list of ill talks and criticism for El Salvador, and how the country functions. Many locals seem not to be in support of the president’s activities.

Some citizens blame him for the recent gang violence that the nation has been faced with. El Salvador now has its attention on fixing gang violence and carrying out large-scale arrests while its economy suffers. As it stands, Nayib Bukele’s rating amongst citizens has reduced to about 90%. Amidst all of these, Bukele still has support from many crypto community members.

Writer and Bitcoin enthusiast Stacy Herbert, who at one time had spoken to Bukeke alongside her husband Max Keiser said the Bloomberg report was only propaganda. She attested to the fact that the young president has the support of many ‘bitcoiners’.

Meanwhile, El Salvador is considering rolling out more regulations for other digital assets in its jurisdiction and has also opened a National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC).