Embrace the Memeconomy with $PEPELUNA – Launch 7PM UTC PancakeSwap

Discover $PEPELUNA, the 0% tax memecoin revolutionizing the memeconomy. Learn about its unique tokenomics, exclusive NFTs, and upcoming game

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The cryptocurrency market has recently been taken by storm with the advent of memecoins. Among these new tokens, the one that stands out is $PEPELUNA. With its unique selling points, this token aims to attract a new breed of crypto enthusiasts who are looking to make their mark in the crypto world. But what exactly is $PEPELUNA, and why is it creating such a buzz?

The $PEPELUNA Difference: No Seed Sale, No Private Sale, No Team Tokens

In the world of cryptocurrencies, token distribution often involves various sales and allocations that can provide early access or benefits to specific groups. However, $PEPELUNA is breaking away from this norm and choosing a more equitable approach to token distribution. Let’s delve deeper into what this entails:

No Seed Sale

Seed sales typically happen before a token’s public sale, offering an opportunity for early-stage investors to buy tokens at a lower price. While this can provide initial funding for the project, it can also create an uneven playing field, as these early investors could potentially influence the market with significant holdings.

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In contrast, $PEPELUNA has opted for no seed sale. This decision ensures that all potential token holders, irrespective of their status or investment capacity, start on equal footing. It fosters a fairer distribution of tokens, minimizing the chance of market manipulation.

No Private Sale

Similar to seed sales, private sales offer tokens to a select group of people, usually private investors or venture capital firms, before the public sale. The absence of a private sale in $PEPELUNA’s tokenomics further underscores its commitment to fairness and transparency. By making all tokens available to the public simultaneously, $PEPELUNA ensures that every investor has an equal opportunity to participate from the outset.

No Team Tokens

Team tokens are usually allocated as a part of the token distribution to incentivize and reward the development team. However, these tokens can sometimes lead to concerns about ‘rug pulls’ or market manipulation if the team decides to sell off their tokens.

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$PEPELUNA takes a different approach by having no team tokens. This decision enhances trust within the community, as it removes any fear of the team affecting the token’s value by selling off their holdings. It also highlights $PEPELUNA’s commitment to the community, demonstrating that the project’s primary focus is on the token holders rather than personal gains.

$PEPELUNA – The Tokenomics of a Memecoin

$PEPELUNA is a newly launched memecoin that’s designed with an appealing spin on tokenomics. Breaking away from the trend of taxed tokens, it introduces a 0% tax structure. This no-tax rule on buying or selling signifies that users will not have to worry about slippage requirements, making transactions easier and more straightforward.

One of the unique features of $PEPELUNA is the way its tokens are distributed. With a total of 100 billion tokens, the distribution is as follows:

  • Presale: 27%
  • Liquidity: 15.39%
  • CEX (Locked): 6.61%
  • Burn: 51%

The absence of team tokens, seed sale, private sale, and reserved tokens makes this token fairer and more transparent.

Join the $PEPELUNA Community

$PEPELUNA will be launched on PancakeSwap at 19:00 UTC. As a part of its initial launch, the first 500 wallets that buy $PEPELUNA Token during the Presale Fairlaunch on Pinksale will receive Limited Edition $PEPELUNA NFTs. These NFTs will act as a valuable asset for early adopters, enhancing their crypto portfolio.

$PEPELUNA – More Than Just a Token

Beyond being a memecoin, $PEPELUNA is set to introduce a Play-to-Earn game, “Space Zombie Assault: The Pepeluna Adventure!” This blockchain-based game will integrate $PEPELUNA tokens for transactions, offering strategic gameplay and real-world rewards.

KYC Verification – Ensuring Trust in $PEPELUNA

To provide a secure environment for its users, $PEPELUNA has successfully completed the KYC verification process at PinkSale. This step highlights the token’s commitment to ensuring a safe and trustworthy platform for its users.


$PEPELUNA is a promising new player in the world of memecoins, providing a unique approach to tokenomics and community benefits. It’s more than just a token – it’s a community, a game, and a ticket to the moon. Embrace the memeconomy and become a part of the $PEPELUNA journey today.

Contract addres: 0x471093527c91fe3D5648E6caE62bd9E3Ebd6d6cc
$PEPELUNA on PancakeSwap: https://www.dextools.io/app/en/bnb/pair-explorer/0x5bf5955fa151542921de87a749661adaf539e348
Telegram Community chat: https://t.me/PepeLunaOfficial
Blockchain Explorer: https://bscscan.com/address/0x471093527c91fe3D5648E6caE62bd9E3Ebd6d6cc

Disclaimer: This article does not provide investment advice. Always conduct your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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