Emirates Post Group to Debut the Regions First NFT-Based Stamps

The Emirates Post Group (EPG) is set to launch the United Arab Emirates’ first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) stamps in a bid to advance its aspirations to become a leading digital operator in the region. The NFT-backed postage stamps are billed to be launched officially on December 2 and will be featuring four unique stamps to commemorate the celebration of the nation’s Golden Jubilee.

“In line with EPG’s goal of transforming into a more digital-centered company, we are proud to announce the launch of the first NFT stamp in the region, which utilises blockchain technology. By introducing tradable NFT stamps, we are bridging the gap between traditional stamps and the world of digital cryptocurrency.”, said Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, the Group CEO of Emirates Post Group.

The four distinct stamps have their underlying themes with the first stamp dubbed “the Golden Jubilee 2021” is branded as a premium edition, containing 1 gram of fine gold. The second stamp is called the “Spirit of the Union – 1971”, symbolizing the establishment of the nation by the founding fathers. In addition, the third stamp is “Year of the 50th – 2021”, and the fourth one is christened “Projects of the 50th 2071” representing the UAE’s futuristic vision.

Each of these NFTs will have a digital twin resident on the blockchain and will be sold alongside their physical counterparts. According to the Emirates Post Group, these NFTs will have all of the attributes of a notable digital collectible and can be traded if the holder chooses to do so.

Taking NFTs Mainstream

Non-Fungible Tokens have generated a lot of buzz this year, as many collectors have continued to place a very huge demand on unique artworks whose authenticity can be validated through the blockchain technology. 

The dive of the Emirates Post Group into the NFT world is a showcase that these unique offshoot of blockchain technology is gradually going mainstream. However, as a public service provider, the EPG may need to educate the masses on how to buy and sell NFTs as a way to give them a headstart.

As collection designed to appease to the history of the United Arab Emirates, there may not be a need to make these NFT stamps accessible on mainstream crypto brokerage outfits like the Coinbase NFT Marketplace, the UAE will still have to make a provision whereby all of its released NFT stamps can be traded, hence adding more commercial value to its holders.