Envestio Scam Employee Liene Meldere Started Communication


Nothing is clear regarding Envestio Scam, but the Evnestio Employee Liene Meldere finally published on facebook post regarding Envestio Information

Envestio’s website is down. Whether it is because of investors panic, hacking, or maybe Envestio is a scam… I’m receiving questions from investors about what has happened through every possible channels. But unfortunately, I have no answers because our COO Jevgenijs Kukins is out of reach for me too and has been deleted from all social networks. Moreover, I haven’t received any sufficient explanation from our current shareholder Arkadi Ganzin. I am not a decision maker or a board member with signatory rights at Envestio – I do not have access to bank accounts and the investors’ database. I worked as freelancer in Envestio, To the best of my knowledge, Alesia Nikalaichyk and other employees in IT, Sales and Support were just following the management’s tasks in daily activities not related to due-diligence of funded projects and did not have authority to execute payments. As a result, I have no answers and I very much hope that either the COO or the Shareholder will soon contact me and investors to terminate our concerns and uncertainties.

I would like to add that I have also invested in projects presented by Envestio and I hope very much that I have not lost my money.

I’m receiving not only questions but also threats. I understand very well that we are all in suspense and this creates various negative emotions, but by sending me threat letters will not resolve the situation because, as I have already said, I cannot influence the decisions and actions of Envestio’s owners and board members. Please, don’t send me threat letters.

Working on Envestio, I really believed that Envestio was a company that would develop and add value to the overall p2p market. I am very sorry that investors panic and that hacker attacks have such a big impact on the company and market. But I still hope that Envestio will make it. I hope that COO or owner will contact me and investors and explain what is happening. I hope that I and all investors will get back the money invested on Envestio.

Nothing much regarding Envestio Scam story, but its already more and more looks like planed SCAM from the beginning with serious long term working intentions. Will update you as soon as we receive any new information from Employee or legal authorities regarding Envestio Scam.

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