$ESCO: The Game-Changing Meme Coin Now on BitMart and Coming Soon to MEXC

Now Live on BitMart, Next Stop MEXC! | Hot Crypto News

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Hold onto your hats, crypto enthusiasts! The fun and lucrative memecoin, $ESCO, has now successfully been listed on BitMart, and is gearing up for its next big move: listing on MEXC.

$ESCO: More Than Just Fun

The Ethereum-based memecoin $ESCO is changing the face of digital finance by bridging the gap between fun and profitability. More than just a meme, $ESCO brings an engaging, inclusive, and profitable experience to the cryptocurrency community, aiming to make the crypto space enjoyable for everyone.

Making a Splash on BitMart

In a major stride forward, $ESCO is now officially listed on BitMart, one of the leading digital asset trading platforms. This strategic move expands $ESCO’s reach, making it more accessible to a global audience.

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BitMart users can now trade $ESCO using the ESCO/USDT trading pair, offering a seamless experience for those eager to be part of the $ESCO fun-venture.

Next Stop: MEXC

After its successful debut on BitMart, $ESCO is not stopping. The crypto coin that puts the “fun” in “funds” has set its sights on its next big milestone: getting listed on MEXC, another top-tier cryptocurrency exchange.

This forthcoming listing will further amplify $ESCO’s visibility and acceptability within the global crypto community. Although the specific dates for the MEXC listing have yet to be announced, the news itself is already creating a buzz in the crypto world.

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Join the Fun and Profitable $ESCO Community

With an innovative tokenomic model and a lighthearted approach, $ESCO has carved a niche for itself in the crypto world. A staggering 93% of the total supply is dedicated to liquidity, ensuring smooth trades and minimizing price volatility. Moreover, $ESCO charges no tax, making it a truly unique player in the crypto space.

With its successful BitMart listing and the upcoming MEXC listing, $ESCO is truly making a mark in the crypto community. Get ready to experience a fun yet profitable journey with $ESCO.


$ESCO’s recent success on BitMart and its imminent listing on MEXC represent significant leaps in its journey. By introducing a fun, inclusive, and lucrative approach to crypto trading, $ESCO is redefining how the world interacts with cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and prepare to be part of a one-of-a-kind crypto experience with $ESCO.

Contract address: 0x7163436b8EfFfB469F6BB81cc908b1661d4795e6
Website: https://escocoin.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/escocoinofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/escocoin

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