ETH price analysis: ETH to retest the $4,000 high


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  • ETH price analysis shows gearing up power to retest the $4,000 high.
  • Strong support is currently found at the $3,384 mark.
  • Strong resistance is currently found at the $3,950 mark.

ETH price analysis reveals that the queen of cryptocurrency is gearing up to retest the $4,000 high once more. The queen of cryptocurrency broke past the $4,000 psychological barrier yesterday but was unable to search out strong support to keep up the high ETH price dipped down below the mark. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading $3,925 range while preparing to retest the high. The queen of cryptocurrency is treading on a slippery slope and therefore the price can sway in either direction within the hours to come back.

Ethereum/USD 1-day candlestick chart shows bullish crossover

The one-day ETH price analysis candlestick chart reveals a bullish crossover that’s likely to stay the value at this high, maintaining this support levels. The upper Bollinger band is found below the present price, where this price is at $3,920, and therefore the upper Bollinger band is at the $3,903 mark serving because the closest support for the queen of cryptocurrency.

ETHUSD 1 day candlestick price chart ETH Price Analysis
ETHUSD 1 day candlestick price chart ETH Price Analysis
Source: Trading View

9 day moving average ( MA ) serving because the next support point is $3,540, also the Bollinger bands’ average is found at the same $3,340 mark. The last terms marked by the lower Bollinger band is found at the $2,777 mark. The volatility is increasing on the chart compared to the past few days. The relative strength index is on the overbought area with a score of 72.74, marking a powerful bearish signal; however, the RSI has been maintaining this signal for the past few days.

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ETH price analysis – 4 hour candle shows a bearish signal dominating

The Bollinger band as well as the moving averages ( MA ) are behaving normally on the 4 hour ETH price analysis chart, where the upper Bollinger band is in the strongest resistance at the time of writing. The upper Bollinger band is at the $4,070 mark. The nine-day moving average is found right below the present price, acting because the closest support at the $3,890 mark.

ETHUSD 4 hour candle price chart Ethereum Price Analysis
ETHUSD 4 hour candle price chart Ethereum Price Analysis
Source: Trading View

Bollinger band mooving average ( MA ) is at the $3,770 mark where the worth volatility is increasing compared to the past days. The lower Bollinger band is serving because the strongest support mark is found at the $3,470 levels. The strength index is showing a bearish signal with an score of more than 70, so it can pull the value down into a healthy ETH price correction soon.

Ethereum price analysis conclusion

ETH price analyse shows that the Ethereum Price has found strong support to retest the $4,000 high mark but with an underlying bearish signal from the relative strength index. If this support levels persist and so the RSI score is controlled, the queen is perhaps visiting interrupt past this high and onto a latest horizon. However, if the RSI score comes into play, the queen is maybe visiting travel into a healthy correction with a fall in price all the way all the way down to the $3,700 level or below.

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