European Commission imposes fresh sanctions against Russia

European Commission has imposed 8th sanctions package against Russia, a major step toward supporting Ukraine.

European Commission and member states have agreed on the 8th sanctions package against Russia, a major step toward supporting Ukraine in the ongoing war between the two neighboring countries.

Along with the official announcement by the Commission, President of the Ursula von der Leyen and EU High Representative Josep Borrell shared the news about that the approval of 8th package of sanctions on Russia on Twitter.

Additional import restrictions on Russian goods are part of the package that the European Commission recommended on September 28. It is anticipated that Moscow will lose an additional €7 billion in revenue as a result. The EU will also expand trade sanctions on crucial military technologies, like aircraft, electronic parts, and particular chemicals, needed by Russian army to wage its war on Ukrainian territory. 

Russia won’t be able to use European services and expertise

The eighth round of sanctions intends to further deprive Russia’s industrial and military complex of vital components and technologies as well as its economy of European services and expertise. von der Leyen stated:

“We have moved quickly and decisively. We are determined to continue making the Kremlin pay.”

A political agreement on fresh restrictions against Russia was described as “a powerful EU response to Putin’s illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories” in a tweet from the Czech Presidency at the Council of the European Union who further added:

“Written procedure follows, sanctions enter into force on publication in the Official Journal.”

Leaders and institutions of the European Union have vehemently denounced Russia’s aggressive attitude and the violation of international law in reaction to its invasion of Ukraine. They demand that the country stop all military operations immediately, unconditionally remove all military members and supplies from Ukraine’s entire territory, and truly support Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty, integrity, and independence.

After a devastating round of sanctions on Russia by the United States White House in February, EU took control on the matter and imposed heavy restrictions on the country. In April, the EU imposed a new set of sanctions targeting crypto wallets of Russian Oligarchs.