Facebook Commences NFT Trials With Select US Users

Social media giant, Facebook has commenced trials bothering on the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on its app. As reported by TechCrunch, the test is limited to the US and only a handful of users have access to test out the new feature.

As detailed, users will be able to upload their digital collectibles on their profiles under a new tab. Using the service is free of charge or any form of advert integrations, for now. The move by the social media giant affirms the earlier position of the CEO of its parent company, Meta Platforms, Mark Zuckerberg.

The billionaire tech guru revealed a few weeks back that testing for NFTs on Facebook will be launched soon. According to a tweet shared by Navdeep Singh, a product manager at Facebook, clicking on the NFTs on the user’s profile is likely to show details about the digital collectible such as the name of the collection and the artist.

Meta Platform’s other outfit, Instagram launched support for NFTs earlier in the year and per a spokesperson, plans are in place to create a room where NFTs on both Instagram and Facebook can interact directly. While this is a feature to look forward to, the spokesperson said the support is not yet out for the trials.

The Meta Platforms NFT and Metaverse Drive

Meta Platforms is a company that has a longer-term approach to the growing Web3.0 and the broader metaverse world as a whole.

While its immediate focus is hinged on NFTs, its game plan is way broader and accounts for why the company changed its corporate identity from Facebook Inc to Meta Platforms a couple of months ago.

As it is developing its capabilities for the metaverse and Web3, it is also investing heavily in Research and Development which will see its wholly-owned Augmented Reality hardware manufacturer, Oculus integrate both the software and the hardware in the near future.

While Meta Platforms is committed to bolstering the future of social interactions, it is not shunning existing blockchain infrastructures powering NFTs and related technologies. 

The company supported Ethereum and Polygon for its Instagram NFT integrations with Flow and Solana in the works. While not expressly stated, chances are that the Facebook integration will also support NFTs hosted on this blockchain protocol.