FINPR Starts Providing Website Design Services

In the digital world of crypto and Web3 technologies, having a well-designed and easy-to-use website is important to success. Recognizing this need, FINPR, a prominent crypto web design agency, has recently announced the launch of its website design and development services. If you are a budding entrepreneur or an established project looking to revamp your online presence, FINPR can help you create a visually appealing and functional website that sets you apart from the competition.

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Website Development Expertise

FINPR distinguishes itself by offering bespoke website creation services. The blockchain PR agency deviates from traditional web design firms, focusing instead on the distinct characteristics common to blockchain and crypto projects. They work with a range of platforms, including WordPress, Webflow, and Tilda. If you already have a development team in place, FINPR can assist with the design aspect, ensuring your website aligns with your brand and objectives.

FINPR offers a range of website design plans to cater to different needs:

  • Landing Page: A concise, one-page site with up to 15 blocks, perfect for a focused message or product showcase.
  • Multi-Page Site: A more comprehensive option with up to 20 pages, ideal for businesses offering a range of services or products.
  • Special Projects: Tailored solutions for online stores, applications, and other unique web platforms.

The development process at FINPR is meticulous and client-focused, encompassing four key stages:

  1. UX Design: Involves marketing strategy development, content restructuring, and creating an interactive site prototype, with approval timelines varying based on the project’s complexity.
  2. Design: Development of up to five design concepts, with subsequent design layout approvals and UI-kit development.
  3. Website Layout: Creation of both desktop and adaptive mobile versions of the site, including CRM integration and primary content filling.
  4. Launch & Testing: Comprehensive testing, domain uploading, and one month of free post-launch support.

The duration of the website development process ranges from approximately two months for a one-pager to around three and a half months for multi-page sites. Special projects, such as e-commerce platforms or apps, may have varying timelines.

A Web Design Agency You Can Trust

Designing websites for the crypto industry demands a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and aesthetics that distinguish blockchain brands from traditional businesses. FINPR has a proven track record in this niche, having successfully crafted websites for various crypto startups and products.

Beyond website design, FINPR offers a comprehensive suite of services to help crypto startups succeed, including influencer marketing, public relations, SEO optimization, and crypto shilling services. With a history dating back to 2017, their Dubai-based firm has supported 350+ Web 3.0 companies in achieving their marketing and visibility goals.

Businesses interested in leveraging FINPR’s expertise in website design and development can reach out to the firm to discuss their specific needs and explore the range of services offered. With FINPR’s entry into website design services, Web3, and crypto startups now have a reliable partner to help them create a strong online presence in this dynamic industry.

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