First of Three Phases of Oasys Mainnet Launch Commences

Oasys, a newly-introduced EVM-compatible, multi-layered blockchain built by gamers for gamers announced its decision to finally and fully launch its Mainnet. Additionally, the protocol revealed three phases for the completion of the Mainnet launch after which a public token listing will follow. Currently, the first phase has been activated and is ongoing.

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Prior to this time, Oasys engaged in an extensive year of strategic partnership development and was able to assemble the support of 21 top-tier validators and a range of game giants including Square Enix, SEGA, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco Research, and Netmarble. For the Oasys Mainnet ongoing first phase, the validators play a vital role.

As per the published statement, the 21 top-tier validators will start to take operations of all nodes and ensure that Oasys Layer 1, the Hub-Layer, can maintain stable performance. This first phase is expected to run for two weeks after which the second phase will run for another two weeks terminating on November 22nd for the third and final phase to commence.

For the second phase, both Oasys Layer 2 and the Verse-Layer, will be integrated on top of the established framework that Phase one utilized until it is stabilized. Once the stability of the Oasys Layer 2 and Verse Layer has been verified, the third phase takes over.

Beginning on November 22nd, Phase three begins with the integration of core components of the Oasys ecosystem for gaming performance and user experience, such as the Oasys-Hub, a portal interface for users to engage with. 

Oasys Mainnet Launch to Transform the Blockchain

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, said: “The blockchain gaming ecosystem has grown rapidly over the past few years, reflecting an increasing appreciation of the value that projects such as Oasys have brought to the wider industry. However, now is not the time to reflect on past accomplishments, but focus on the exciting possibilities of the future.” 

“The Mainnet launch is a significant step forward in creating a fully-functional, public-led gaming blockchain that will transform the gaming future and give extensive value to players and game developers alike,” Moriyama added.

A few weeks ago, a Japanese blockchain game company double declared its plan to launch a SEGA-backed digital collectible card game on the Oasys HOME verse L2 network. Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix who is now one of the firm’s partners also teamed up with Oasys ahead of its launch later in the year.

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