First Responders Give Back to the Community as FTR Launches July 20 on Unicrypt


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First Responders using blockchain and tokenomics create a charity coin that gives money to the families of emergency services workers needing support. The 1st beneficiary is a little girl in need. 

The investment community has well-received the First Responder Token due to the forthright spirit by which it is being offered and the support that worthy causes will get from the project. FRT is one token among the many out there that have a high probability of doing very well. The place to invest in the token for the presale is on Unicrypt. After launch go to PancakeSwap 

The First Beneficiary is a Little Girl Whose Mother is a Nurse and her Father a Fireman.  

Here is what Ashtons’s Mom and Dad have related for the public.  

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“Ashton was born on October 1, 2013.  Soon after birth, Ashton had challenges feeding and gaining weight and yellow discoloration of her skin.  On December 2, 2013, Ashton was formally diagnosed with Biliary Atresia and had surgery to help restore bile flow out of her liver, known as a Kasai.  The surgery is not a cure for Biliary Atresia.  It was a successful surgery, and bile flow was restored out of Ashton’s liver.  However, for the weeks that bile was trapped in her liver, it caused permanent damage.  Biliary Atresia is a chronic childhood liver disease, and a liver transplant may eventually be required.” 

“After the first year of Ashton’s Kasai, she grew and made significant progress in her health.  By two years old, her liver doctor, Sonny, said, “you can treat her like a normally healthy kid,” and so we would watch her Biliary Atresia and how it progressed.  Over the next few years, we tried to let Ashton have the most normal happy life we could.  Ashton was also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder  at age 4.” 

“In March 2021, at age 7, during a routine yearly ultrasound, lesions on the liver were discovered. That finding, along with her progressing disease process, catapulted Ashton to an immediate liver transplant evaluation.  Three weeks later, Ashton was listed status 1B with UNOS for a liver transplant.  Ashton was listed for five weeks and got her first liver offer.  Ashton was transplanted with her first liver offer on May 13, 2021, at Texas Children’s Hospital.” 

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“The surgery was successful, and Ashton began recovering well over the next three days.  On postoperative day 4, Ashton started having increased blood pressure.  On the morning of day 5, Ashton had a seizure related to elevated blood pressure and medications known as PRES (posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome.)  Ashton was intubated and sedated, and sent back to ICU.  It was an extremely traumatic event that we witnessed before our very eyes.  Ashton spent 6 days in ICU because her blood pressure was so high.  The ICU and transplant teams were finally able to get control of her blood pressures, and Ashton was able to leave ICU and finish recovery on the surgical unit.” 

“After discharge from the hospital, we will stay locally in Houston for a minimum of 30 days for clinic follow-ups and labs to monitor her new liver and blood pressure.  After we get the ok from her team, we can go back home to Aledo, 5 hours away.  Ashton will be on anti-rejection medication for her liver for the rest of her life and will always need a liver transplant doctor.  Complications such as organ rejection do occur and require close monitoring and testing at Texas Children’s Hospital. ” 

Ashton will need to travel 5 hours away to Houston often for ongoing care. In addition, if at any period she gets even the slightest fever or any other sickness, she will have to travel to Houston. 

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Find the First Responder Token on for the Presale Unicrypt 

How the First Responder Token Was Created 

Here is an excerpt from the FRT Whitepaper. “The first responders token was born when the two founders (Russell and Saul) experienced personally that there were families of first responders in need and how a charitable token could help them. Saul, being a firefighter, expressed that a charity or non-profit was always his dream. Being former military and having extensive experience in the cryptocurrency space, Russell knew that by utilizing the model of tokenomics and the Binance smart chain, there existed an opportunity to raise the liquidity and capital to realize this vision and save lives. Russell, already being a partner on a cryptocurrency coin in the proof of stake space, seized the opportunity to invite the other two partners from his coin project to participate in the first responder token. Jere and Don each bring experience that can be utilized and maximized to benefit the token. Each partner brings something inherently unique to the project that will elevate the first responder token to new levels unlike any current charity token in existence. Because of the experience and tenure in the cryptocurrency space and the complete transparency by which the token is being created, this token will be very successful for the first responders it aims to help and the investors who will take part.” 


A Brief Synopsis of the Tokenomics of the FRT Token.  

The FRT Whitepaper goes into great depth but here, in short form, is the plan for the growth and maturity of the token. 

Frt—first responder token is a Binance smart chain (bep-20) token that will launch with 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens in circulation.  All tokens can be bought and sold freely. 

 There is a 12% fee taken from every transaction. 

     •4% is sent to the liquidity pool 

     •3% reflection 

     •3% automatically sent to charity wallet 

     •1% is sent to burn address 

     •1% sent to expense wallet 

9,000,000,000,000 will be sent for the presale and 85% liquidity raised in the presale will be sent to pancake swap and locked forever.  

To have questions answered go to the FIRST RESPONDER TOKEN Community room on Telegram

Written by: Robert Stone at “Shake the Web”

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