First Round IDO Details Released By Flickto

Historically, content producers have battled to get compensated for their services and to receive the accolades for which they have worked so hard. While the advent of NFTs has greatly aided in this regard, many artists and other types of content producers continue to struggle with this issue. As a result, these people would depend on projects such as Flickto.

Flickto may be viewed as a Cardano-powered community media launchpad. In summary, the aim is to help content creators by offering money through the utilisation of certain perks and privileges provided by Cardano’s respective ecosystem. In this sense, Flickto is responsible for community engagement as well as encouraging and financing new viable media initiatives alongside providing awards and a wide range of different incentives.

Most recently, Flickto has announced the details of its IDO (Initial DEX Offering), which shall be hosted via its partner KICK.IO. The IDO shall commence on December 27th at 12:00 (UTC) and will run until the same time on December 30th. 1 FLICK (which is also the official ticker) will cost $0.009, payable in Cardano’s native token, ADA. KYC (Know-Your-Customer) measures are included and the total token supply is 5,000,000,000, with 330,000,000 being available for the first round sale. The first round hard cap is also said to be $2,970,000 USD.

Partnering up with KICK

KICK.IO provides extra benefits to users who also own KICK tokens. They will be able to acquire FLICK as well as have preferential access to the IDO round alongside being allowed to do so a whole day prior to the general public. KICK holders may now additionally ‘endorse’ the FLICK IDO and receive a percentage of every FLICK token sold, with the rewards being paid in ADA. This is in line with Flickto’s overall vision of empowering artists and content creators, so the initiative has a lot of potential to secure funds for these individuals and ultimately empower them.

Essentially, KICK.IO serves as a Cardano-oriented fundraising platform as well as project accelerator that strives to deliver fully decentralised, transparent, and effective crowdfunding services. To that end, the platform is poised to become a pillar of the new Cardano-based decentralised finance environment, bringing together Cardano’s vast network to support projects with enormous potential for long-term success. Given Cardano’s own success in this year alone, it would therefore make sense to invest in its network and overall infrastructure and ecosystem.

More than one way of earning ADA

Apart from the IDO, there are other methods through which users may generate an income via FLICK tokens. Initial Stake Pool Offerings (ISPOs) are often considered to be a feasible way for many Cardano projects to earn money. Flickto’s team employs this method not only to gather funds for the project, but additionally as a source of funding for the long run regarding various media projects that Flickto’s community chooses to distribute through the launchpad.

As such, if you can’t wait till the IDO, then feel free to start earning additional FLICK via the ISPO. This can certainly be a profitable venture too, as the project recently crossed 7 million ADA staked in the stake pool from more than 600 delegators.

Flickto continues to impress

Following a successful private sale round earlier in 2021, Flickto continues to show its capabilities and overall success despite the project only being launched fairly recently on November 1st. Aside from the aforementioned collaboration with KICK.IO, there is also the existing collaboration with VyFinance which has opened up all kinds of possibilities for some truly exciting future benefits for the community.

Regarding future plans, launching the Flickto platform will take precedence along with securing funds for the first few media projects. Finally, getting listed on a centralised exchange (CEX) and a decentralised exchange (DEX) is also  top priority.