Flickto heralds a new era with IDO launch on ADAX

Blockchain technology continues to produce significant innovations, and one of the platforms with a great concept is Flickto. Flickto  is a community-powered media launchpad built on the Cardano blockchain and intends to disrupt the status quo in the media industry. 

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For so long, a few centralised companies have dominated the entire process of creating media content from funding to production and marketing. Flickto intends to change this by introducing community-based financing and empowering independent content creators to produce quality content. 

This entire process is powered by the FLICK token, the native token of Flickto. Furthermore, to ensure that its goals are achieved, Flickto has partnered with the decentralized launchpad platform ADAX. 

Flicko IDO goes live on ADAX

Community members and crypto enthusiasts can now purchase FLICK tokens at the very best price on ADAX. The IDO was launched on January 10 exclusively to ADAX stakers and quickly sold out $50,000 worth of Flick tokens. 

The IDO opened to the public on January 11 with a starting price of $0.009 per FLICK token. 330,000,000 FLICK tokens have been made available for public sale with a hard-cap of $2,970,000. Participants can purchase the tokens using Cardano’s native token ADA. 

ADAX is one of the top launchpad platforms on the Cardano ecosystem and facilitates non-custodial and censorship-resistant trades within the Cardano ecosystem. In addition, users are provided additional benefits when they use ADAX tokens to purchase IDO rounds. 

Flickto has a  vast community known for investing in quality projects within the Cardano ecosystem and there are expectations that the public sale will be massively oversubscribed. Participants need to register early for an account on ADAX to take part in the IDO. Crypto enthusiasts can participate in the IDO by registering on the launchpad platform

A fast-growing ecosystem

Flickto‘s ecosystem continues to grow, and the IDO on ADAX is the second major public sale taken by the blockchain project. Earlier in December 2021 they launched an IDO on the decentralized launchpad, KICK, where  participants were oversubscribed. Flickto has also partnered with different blockchain projects, including VyFinance.

This latest launch on ADAX represents another chance for users to accumulate FLICK tokens at a low price. In addition, users can also obtain FLICK tokens by participating in the Initial Stake Pool (ISPO). All required is to stake their ADA tokens for rewards in FLICK tokens.  The FLICK token will provide utility to the Flickto platform, enabling users to vote on the projects that interest them the most.

Flick has also recently listed on Muesliswap DEX, and there are expectations that more listings will be achieved in  2022. 

Flickto intends to release the full launch of its platform in the coming weeks and will announce the first few media projects that its community will fund. 

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