Florida Ranks Highest as U.S Most Crypto-Ready State

As seen in many years, the United States has remained the most active player in the crypto ecosystem among many nations. 

The rate of crypto adoption in the country has surged greatly in recent times. However, this status is not true for all fifty states in the region. According to the state-wise research conducted by Invezz, the Southeasternmost U.S. state, Florida is the most crypto-ready community in that jurisdiction.

The research came up with this result by measuring the number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs, the presence of blockchain-oriented companies, and the population of citizens and residents who showed interest in digital assets.

Apart from its pro-crypto regulations and other digital assets-supporting infrastructures, Florida turned out to be the state that has put many structures in place for mainstream crypto adoption. 

Consequently, the number of installed BTC ATMs in an area is an indicator of how the public engages in crypto in their daily lives. 

BTC ATM Installation Growth

With the number of BTC ATM installations reaching 38,804 following a global decline in September, the U.S. is home to about 87% of the total value.

Additionally, the U.S. makes a 37.8% contribution to the global BTC hash rate. In Miami, the number of BTC ATMs per person is quite high, about 14.63 per 100,000 people. The same goes for the level of interest that the people of Florida have in cryptocurrencies.

Ultimately, the research listed nine other countries that were crypto-ready after Florida in the order: Texas, Illinois, Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California and Delaware.

The result from Google analytics shows that residents of this region are interested in crypto-related information. As per the population of people in Florida, the computation was 210.28 Google searches for crypto topics per 1,000 people. While Florida ended up as the most crypto-ready state with a pass mark of 9.35, it was followed by Texas and Illinois with scores of 8.71 and 8.03, respectively.

Interestingly, Texas has more BTC ATMs installed in its region than Florida, while Vermont has no BTC ATMs. Texas, California and Florida had the highest score for residents’ engagement with cryptocurrencies based on the number of installed BTC ATMs