Former Ripple Exec Slams YouTuber Over XRP User’s Choice

Popular YouTube blogger and market analyst Mark Moss has been dragged by Matt Hamilton for backlashing XRP users over their choice.

Moss made jest of XRP community members for choosing their XRP token in place of Bitcoin (BTC) which he regarded as freedom money. He ridiculed the bullish thesis of it “helps banks transfer money faster” which is being touted by the XRP community.

“Imagine being in the #XRP army and hanging your entire bull thesis on “helping Banks transfer money faster” instead of embracing #Bitcoin freedom money,” Mark Moss tweeted on Friday, March 31st.

In response to his post, Hamilton, a former Director of Developer Relations at blockchain payments firm, Ripple Labs Inc, implied that the YouTuber does not possess an adequate understanding of the XRP token. Hamilton emphasized that “the whole point of XRP is to be able to transfer value *without* banks,” while noting that “that is the whole point of crypto.”

Moss also finds it absurd that banks and some other large financial institutions like the Fed or the International Monetary Fund (IMF) may have to leverage XRP instead of creating their alternative. All of these controversial topics raised by the YouTube blogger have sparked emotions, especially frustration from followers and XRP community members who think that Moss is only breeding conflict.

XRP Community Acknowledges Regulatory Pressures

These followers explained that this is not a good time for such discussions while citing that the crypto community is currently in a fragile state with increased regulatory pressures.

However, their opinions did not make any impact on Moss at the time. Instead of conceding to their observations, he further mentioned that uniting the digital asset community is possible with the use of technologies that offer private ownership.

This time again, Bitcoin was the yardstick for challenging XRP. According to the market analyst, BTC is your bank while XRP is for banks. 

Hamilton has always been pro-crypto and never failed to be vocal about his stance. Almost a year ago, the former Ripple executive joined a Twitter debate where he predicted that the XRP token would hit a $100 price target in the future.