Forum3 Announced a $10M Seed Round Led by Polygon Ventures

Forum3, the firm powering of the web3 loyalty program launched by Starbucks, has raised ten million dollars in seed round.

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The digital collectibles company Forum3, which recently assisted in the powering of the web3 loyalty program launched by Starbucks, raised ten million dollars in venture capital.

The investment round was led by the venture capital firm Decasonic, while further participation was provided by Bloccelerate, Liberty City Ventures, Arca, Polygon Ventures, and Valor Siren Ventures. 

Additionally, other information that the company’s website provides is that the Boston Globe newspaper and the novelist Ben Mezrich are among the company’s clients other than Starbucks.

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Adam Brotman, a former Chief Digital Officer at Starbucks, and Andy Sack, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, are the co-chief executive officers of Forum3. Hence, The collaboration with Starbucks was, in some ways, predictable.

According to Forum3 co-CEO Andy Sack: 

“Given Adam’s and my professional backgrounds, Forum3 is uniquely positioned as one of the leading companies in the world to help consumer brands assemble the right digital strategy and delight their customers digitally, like the approach Starbucks is taking with Starbucks Odyssey.”

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Forum3 and Starbucks Lucrative Journey

Through its connection with Starbucks, Forum3 is helping users gain access to digital artifacts and other web3 possibilities in a seamless manner. 

For example, customers no longer require web3 wallets in order to receive branded digital collectibles as a part of this partnership. To start earning benefits, customers need only give their credentials. Polygon was the starting point for this endeavor.  

Polygon Usage increased rapidly last year, the platform  is one of many roll-up networks and side-chains that counts on Ethereum to maintain its leadership position.

The technological expertise of the network and the dedication of its team to sustainability have resulted in some of the most significant Web3 projects, such as DeFi protocols like Aave, Uniswap V3, NFT markets OpenSea, and Mark Cuban’s, having their origins in Polygon. 

Because of this, Adobe, Stripe, and Robinhood have already chosen Polygon as their default entry point for Web3 traffic.

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