Four NFT Marketplaces Barred From Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass Mint

Blur, SudoSwap and some other Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces have been barred from participating in minting the latest Sewer Pass of Yuga Labs. 

Noteworthy, these NFT marketplaces including Blur, SudoSwap, LooksRare, and NFTX have already been blocked by other digital collectible creators from minting new NFT project smart contracts. The Sewer Pass contains codes that automatically turn down NFT transactions from any wallets connected to these marketplaces.

“Wow not only is Yuga Labs blacklisting Blur they have also blacklisted LooksRare, SudoSwap, and NFTX. Royalty war is heating up,” Simon Cousaert, The Block Research’s Director of Data tweeted, confirming that Yuga Labs blacklisted these four marketplaces because they don’t mandate NFT royalties. Both LooksRare and Blur operate an alternative royalty system while SudoSwap and NFTX do not recognize royalty payments at all.

NFT Marketplaces In Royalty Battle

Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist Mané’s QQL took similar action against X2Y2 last year. X2Y2 marketplace is known to have optional royalties, however, related wallets were prevented from participating in the QQL Mint Pass NFT drop. In response to this act, X2Y2 teased saying;

“When someone else can decide where you can transfer your NFT, you are not the real owners anymore.”

The battle over NFT royalties is gaining traction in the digital collectible ecosystem. In December, Magic Eden launched a suite of codes that would ensure that these royalties are paid to NFT creators for their new collection release. The Solana-based NFT marketplace dubbed the tool “Open Creator Protocol (OCP)”. It works as a barrier preventing non-compliant NFT marketplaces from trading.

With such a tool, creators are now entitled to their fees and can also draft conditions based on their preference, for their collections. On the other hand, customers also get a reduction of fees for high-priced NFTs courtesy of a feature on the OCP tool. In the end, royalties become less expensive to purchase. 

Meanwhile, the Sewer Pass free minting by Yuga Labs was released shortly after it was announced. By Wednesday, over 4,000 Ethereum (ETH) in total sales volume had been generated which is worth over $6 million. Eventually, these Sewer Pass will give holders access to the Dookey Dash game which is skill-based from January 19th to February 8th.