FreeWallet Review – Cryptocurrency Wallet

FreeWallet Review Cryptocurrency Wallet FreeWallet
FreeWallet Review Cryptocurrency Wallet FreeWallet

FreeWallet Review. When Freewallet was created back in 2016, they aimed to bring crypto to more people. In 2017, when the multi-coin wallet was released, we got positive feedback. Users asked us to launch more applications, and we complied. Success rewarded our efforts in 2018 when Freewallet was named the world’s third most popular online wallet for Android. Our apps have established themselves as a leading choice on the Google Play and App Store. FreeWallet 3M users are satisfied with our 33 single-currency wallets tailored to their needs. Some call Freewallet: Crypto Wallet a “crypto Swiss Army Knife” for being an all-in-one solution available not only for Android and iOS but also as a web platform.

Review Why is it a go-to option for you to buy, sell, store and manage crypto at FreeWallet?

  • Freewallet supports BTC, LTC, ETH and 100+ other crypto assets. Download it from the App Store or Google Play, or use our web app.
  • Our users enjoy free transactions within the Freewallet ecosystem.
  • Choose between cheap and fast transfers and pay 1 of the 4 available BTC fees.
  • Use your wallet to pay for your mobile phone.
  • You can purchase BTC, LTC, and ETH with a credit card.

Freewallet Security Review

We know how unappealing it is to get into the nuts and bolts of using crypto. And doing it all at your own risk is even worse. With Freewallet, users don’t have to worry about the safety of their assets. We guarantee that your account is safe due to our security functions.

Enter your PIN

Some people find entering their mandatory PIN code a tedious routine but the Freewallet team is happy to explain the importance of having 2 PIN codes for multi and mono apps.

Once you are inactive for a while, the app asks you to re-enter your PIN code.

This article will prevent you from questioning this feature.

Multisig Email Protection

Making a payment with Freewallet, you can make yourself safe by using multiple email addresses. In other words, to confirm a transaction, it is required to input all the emails in the chain twice at the very minimum. You can find this in the “Settings,” proceed to “Security” and set your “Email confirmation.”

FreeWallet Security and Safety
FreeWallet Security and Safety


For setting this one, a special app is required. You can use Google Authenticator, Authy, or the one you like the most. To ensure the highest level of security, log in and make BTC transactions only after enabling 2-factor authentication. It’s very easy to do: open “Settings” and find the “Security” section to proceed with 2FA.

Account Control

Limiting outgoing transfers is always a good idea. You can set a limit on the transaction amount, and it’s best to do this for every currency you use. Freewallet strictly controls unauthorized login sessions. So if you notice suspicious activity on your account, flag it, and all ongoing operations will be aborted to keep your funds safe. These options can also be found under “Security” in “Settings.”

Cold Storage

We understand that it’s best for our users not to store their funds in their hot wallet address. The address you see in your app can only be used for receiving transactions, but it is a known fact that a hot wallet is risky to store funds in.

That is why your funds are transferred to cold storage, a secure offline vault, after you receive them. Your crypto remains there till you send it out. Freewallet introduced this technology to guarantee the safety of users’ funds and restore access to their accounts if it should be needed.