Gaia Everworld Partners with Binance after Securing Polygon Funding

After completing a successful seed round, Gaia Everworld has announced an NFT sale in partnership with the Binance NFT marketplace. Recall that we recently reported that virtual land purchase accounts for the largest percentage of last week’s $300 million NFT sales. The project also hopes to sell land in its gaming universe as NFT assets. This will enable it to transition from just a gaming universe into a metaverse.

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As part of the collaboration, Binance NFT will provide support for the upcoming Gaia Elite Club NFT collection. The GAIA Elite Club collection comprises the 10,000 original GAIA NFTs which are used to play in the GAIA Everworld. Additionally, the collaboration with Binance will bring the GAIA token to the Binance Smart Chain. Consequently, the utility of the game’s native token will increase.

Binance has expressed significant interest in gaming start-ups in recent times. Alongside Animoca Brands, Binance Smart Chain recently set up a $200 million funding to accelerate and incubate gaming projects.

Gaia Everworld Boasts Huge Potentials

Gaia Everworld is a fully immersive blockchain game built on the Unreal Engine. Likewise, it is compatible with the Polygon network. The game is set in a multi-realm world that players explore in a variety of modes ranging from solo to multiplayer game modes.

Gamers can own in-game assets called Gaias. As the Gaias explore the realm, they level up and become more valuable. Players can also breed Gaias with the Gaia tokens which are tradeable on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The game is based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As a result, players can earn extra income by playing (the play-to-earn model). Earlier this year, the project secured a $3.7 million seed fund from AU21, Basics Capital, BSC Station, Panda Capital during its IDO.

By announcing it secured a grant from the Polygon Foundation, speculations trail the project. Some suggest that the funding may indicate the potentials of the play-to-earn blockchain game. As EA Chief previously said, NFTs and Play-to-earn are the future of the gaming industry.

Regardless, one factor that will come in very handy is its compatibility with the Polygon network. The Polygon stack is guaranteed to enable efficient transactions and better scaling even as the game grows and adoption increases.

Polygon has also made giant strides recently. In September, its active addresses count briefly surpassed Ethereum after a 330% surge.


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