Gala Games on Track to Invest $5B to Boost its NFT Capabilities

Blockchain gaming protocol, Gala Games is reportedly on track to invest as much as $5 billion into its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) expansionary plans over the next 12 months. 

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Coming off as one of the oldest and most successful protocols championing the blockchain gaming and NFT focused functionalities, the targeted move by Gala Games to inject this much capital into its ecosystem will provide it a competitive edge across a number of niches in the creative digital industry.

Despite being a predominantly blockchain protocol, Gala Games is building out its ecosystem such that users can have thrilling fun playing games even if they are not so conversant with blockchain functionalities. 

As shared by Chinese crypto blogger, Wu Blockchain, $2 billion out of the total sum will be directed at developing the platform’s gaming protocol. About 1 billion will be allocated for the studio’s music ambitions as well as another 1 billion for movies, while Gala theme park NFTs will pick up the remaining 1 billion.

Jason Brink, the president of Gala Games Blockchain has confirmed the news, saying the quoted figures“..were some of the numbers shared with the Gala Gold community and we certainly look forward to helping that unfold with the community in the future.” Jason refused to comment further, noting that the remaining details as necessary will have to first be unveiled to the members of the “Gala Gold Community” members.

Impact of the News on GALA Token

The Gala Games protocol operates functionally with the help of the DeFi-hinged GALA coin, which has reignited its bullish run with the announcement of the future plans the platform has. While $GALA is down by over 9.4% in the past 24 hours according to data from Coingecko, the coin has stabilized and regained its momentum as it seeks to retest the bullish runs that pushed it to hit 83.2% in the past 2 weeks despite the encompassing dip in the broader digital currency ecosystem.

With the GALA token found in all of the protocol’s blockchain gaming adventure, the chances that the token will feature prominently in the music, movies, and other future plans the company has is high, thus fueling additional growth of the ecosystem token in the mid to long term.


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