GameStop NFT Announces Partnership with Illuvium

The developers claim that each

Based on a recent report, Illuvium, an Ethereum blockchain game developer, announced on June 5 that it is joining hands with the video game and consumer goods store, GameStop to launch a 20,000 nonfungible token (NFT) collection from June 12.

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GameStop NFT to Debut a new NFT Collection

The developers claim that each “GameStop x Illuvitar D1SK NFT” will come with a special GameStop-branded Illuvitar, and can be combined in 108 numerous ways using six distinct Illuvials, three expressions, three background stages, and two finishes. 

D1SKs can be traded on the decentralized Illuvi exchange and come with various Illuvitars and accessories. NFT holders will also get early access to Illuvium Overworld and Illuvium Arena, two creature collecting games with some additional benefits.

The ‘Illuvitars’

The developers see the “Illuvitars” NFTs as the “dynamic collectible works of art, representing a specific avatar of an Illuvial with a distinct expression. Each Illuvitar carries a power rating, determined by its rarity, which helps you climb the leaderboard.”

Although the company has a positive tilt towards the Ethereum blockchain network to power its blockchain expansion, GameStop tapped the services of Layer-2 protocol Loopring to help build the anticipated NFT marketplace. 

Expansion of Crypto Business

GameStop collaborated with Loopring on the basis of which the NFT market was built in order to launch the beta version, in an effort to establish itself as a significant player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

GameStop and Immutable X’s Partnership

Besides Loopring, GameStop has an active partnership with ImmutableX to make Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) accessible to millions of gamers in the U.S which floated at the very end of October last year. Immutable X was chosen by GameStop to power their NFT market. However, by August 2022, the persistent crypto winter is said to have caused GameStop NFT’s daily fee income to drop to barely $4,000 per day. 

Additionally, the business released a self-custodial wallet as a browser plugin. The Ethereum Network-based crypto wallet enables gamers to trade NFTs and cryptocurrencies without closing their web browser.

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