Gaming Giant Ubisoft launches NFT Platform

Gaming firm Ubisoft has unveiled the beta version of its new NFT platform, Quartz. This was contained in a press release by the company on Tuesday. In doing so, Ubisoft has become the first major gaming firm to embrace non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The announcement also indicates that plans are underway for a broader blockchain-based metaverse.

Recall that earlier, we reported that blockchain games were receiving keen interest from Ubisoft. According to the announcement, the NFT platform will allow players to acquire NFT assets. These assets, called Digits, can be used in an AAA game. These assets were designed on the Tezos blockchain to allow for more efficient energy usage.

Energy Efficiency of Tezos makes Quartz platform Sustainable.

Blockchain Technical Director at Ubisoft, Didier Genevois, stated, “Energy-efficiency is a key requirement to propel blockchain technology into a future where it can be widely used by millions of players.”

By partnering with Tezos in this way, Genevois thinks that Tezos’ proof-of-Stake network will come in handy. Tezos projects are known for their low carbon footprint. Thus, using Tezos allows developers and players to focus on innovation and gameplay without compromising sustainability.

The NFT platform will launch with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint on Ubisoft Connect for Windows PC. Ubisoft has been researching blockchain technology for about four years and this beta launch is the culmination of that research effort.

VP of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, Nicolas Pouard, said, “Our long-term efforts led us to understand how blockchain’s decentralized approach could genuinely make players stakeholders of our games.” Pouard believes this is possible in a sustainable way while giving the gamers value for their efforts.

One among Many

Ubisoft Quartz will be available in beta from December 9 at 6 PM UTC in the USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. There will also be free airdrops of the assets on December 9, 12, and 15 for the early adopters among the gamers. Digits can be claimed on the Ubisoft Quartz platform and played in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Other drops will happen early in 2022.

While Ubisoft is pushing forward into the world of blockchain and crypto assets, some other companies are withdrawing. Recently, the parent company of popular video-game distribution platform Steam banned NFTs in the country.