Gary Gensler hints SEC could modify disclosures to fit crypto firms


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Gary Gensler recently said that the financial authority addition might tailor disclosures to accommodate crypto companies.

While talking to a crypto reporter at Yahoo Finance, Gensler talked about crypto regulations. When asked about his thoughts on crypto lender Celsius Network’s meltdown, he said that a firm promising 2-20% yields might contain “a lot of risks” given the time when investors are offered less than 1% yields in TradFi. SEC Chair said that investors would be careful of the offerings that seem “too good to be true.”

Gensler’s remarks come at a time when the crypto market as a whole is going through a dramatic decline, and investors have recently been dealing with a lot of challenges. Creditors have suffered financial losses as a result of the 3AC disaster and the Celsius crisis.

The market sentiment changed to extreme anxiety once the crypto lender stopped accepting withdrawals and started selling the assets it owned, hitting one-sixth of its all-time high. Gensler further added:

“Even tailoring what the disclosures might be, because maybe not all of the disclosures for somebody issuing equity are the same as a crypto token. But I would note we don’t have the same disclosures for asset-backed security that we do for a stock offering. So it’s a thoughtful way to sort of tailor things.”

New hirings by the SEC

The SEC recently announced plans to hire more people to oversee the market’s protection of investors. Regulator’s Cyber Division, which oversees digital assets and the Cyber team, announced that it would fill 50 specialized positions with 20 new hires. According to the SEC, the 20 new hires will include trial lawyers, fraud analysts, and investigative staff attorneys. The selections were welcomed by Gensler, who praised them as long overdue and essential for managing one of Wall Street’s newest and most well-liked industries.

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