Launches Institutional Service for Brokers and Market Makers

Cryptocurrency trading platform has launched a new product to serve institutional investors, particularly Market Makers and brokers. As announced by the trading platform, the new product is dubbed ‘Gate Institutional’ and will brandish the right tools that will help corporate entities to increase their exposure to the nascent crypto ecosystem.

“More and more institutions are curious about cryptocurrencies and are looking to diversify their portfolios. To ease their access to crypto services, launched Gate Institutional. Being a comprehensive crypto ecosystem, Gate Institutional will benefit a wider range of brokers and market makers,” said the Director of Business Development at said in a statement while commenting about the newly launched product. is one of the most vibrant centralized trading platforms in the digital currency ecosystem, the exchange plays host to a number of innovative crypto projects and tokens most of which are known to offer high yields to investors over time. While the exchange has established its foothold in the centralized exchange services, it has also advanced its expertise in decentralized finance (DeFi), offering to lend, staking, and yield farming.

These new product offerings are some of the solutions institutional investors are often in need of, and by the new Gate Institutional offering, the exchange hopes that the Market Makers and Brokers in its ecosystem will be able to gain access to what they needed. and the Support for Brokers

As a high-traffic-based exchange, understands the importance of big liquidity providers, and it is doing all within its power to support traders or investors that fall within these categories.

Earlier the trading platform said it launched a “massive promotional campaign with $10 million in liquidity to support brokers on the platform.” With the Gate Institutional offshoot coming off as one of the latest strategies, the exchange said there will be a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) pass that will grant partners covered within the scope of the new service exclusive access to the’s metaverse.

According to, the NFT has been upgraded with 3D capabilities and will allow users to obtain whitelist qualifications or direct airdrops.