GDA Capital Launches Asia Disruptive Investment Summit


The event will assemble important investors and leading projects within the region

Asia Disruptive Investment Summit Hosted by GDA Capital

The event will bring together important investors and leading projects in the region

The event will bring together important investors and leading projects in the region

The event will compile important investors and leading projects within the region

Toronto, ON, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — North American digital asset leader GDA Capital has announced the launch of the Asia Disruptive Investment Summit. it’ll happen virtually and be livestreamed from the Crypto Convention Center in Decentraland on Oct 6-7th with the primary day focused more on high level trends and opportunities identified in various locations around Asia and also the second day focused on diving deeper into specific disruptive industries.

With the intention of becoming an annual gathering for investors and family office communities, the Asia Disruptive Investment Summit seeks to focus on disruptive innovators building the long run of technology. Participants are connected to both local case studies, furthermore as global opportunities. Likewise, they’ll participate in discussions on the impact of recent technology on financial markets, assets, securities, commodities, currency, art, sports, gaming and entertainment.

“Our previous summit has led us to understand that these opportunities should be extended to investors round the globe. We’ve decided to launch the Asia Disruptive Investment Summit because it’s such a very important place for disruptive technology and is crammed with innovators. the quantity of talent within the region and investors who are looking to coach themselves on exponential opportunities is astounding. We hope the summit becomes a catalyst for the industry.” – GDA Capital Co-founder Michael Gord.

The event could be a follow up to the successful Europe Disruptive Investment Summit which counted with the participation of industry leaders from across the continent. Now, it’ll specialize in bringing the identical opportunities to Eastern Asia and therefore the geographical area. a number of the participants include leading family offices and VC funds like Master Ventures, Soul Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures and MEX Digital. Disruptive technology organizations like FreeTON, Netbox Global, Elitium, DigitalBits Foundation, POP Network & will be present.

About GDA Capital

GDA Capital may be a international organisation that gives vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and disruptive technology companies. We are the trusted advisor that bridges the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies. For more information about GDA Capital or any of our products and services, please visit

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