Gemini Crypto Insurance Indicates Rapidly Rising Institutional Demand

Gemini Crypto Insurance Indicates Rapidly Rising Institutional Demand
Gemini Crypto Insurance Indicates Rapidly Rising Institutional Demand

The Gemini crypto-asset exchange has just announced an increase to its custody platform’s insurance coverage. At $200 million, the Winklevoss-led trading venue now boasts the largest cold storage insurance limit of any crypto custodian on the planet.

The decision to increase its coverage shows Gemini Custody is clearly expecting demand for its services to also increase. Judging by the size of the news coverage and the platform’s reservation for accredited investors, the company anticipates serving some large holders in future.

Gemini Positioning Itself to Serve a Richer Class of Potential Crypto Investor With Largest Insurance

Crypto exchange and custody provider Gemini has just announced big changes to its insurance coverage. The company has launched its own captive insurance provider. Named Nakamoto, after the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, the new firm is licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

According to a statement by the exchange, Nakamoto will allow accredited investors using Gemini Custody up to $200 million worth of coverage. This makes it the world’s most insured crypto asset cold storage solution.

As well as the cold storage insurance, the exchange will also benefit from additional cover. Both segregated crypto assets and hot wallet insurance is available.

Nakamoto is a joint effort with insurance brokers Marsh and Aon. Helped by experienced partners, Gemini claims the firm will “be able to tap into broader insurance markets” and provide a high level of coverage “at optimum costs”.

In today’s post-Yusuf Hussain, Gemini’s Head of Risk writes:

“Insurance is essential to the health and growth of modern financial markets and we’re proud to bring insurance to the crypto markets.”

Reducing Risks Might Make Cryptocurrency More Appealing

For a long time now, those observing the crypto-asset markets have waited eagerly on the arrival of institutional investors. Plenty of evidence, previously reported, supporting the argument that institutional money is coming to crypto. However, given that the largest money managers of the world spend more time trying to protect clients’ money and less studying blockchain technology, the market likely remains intimidating.

Efforts, like Gemini’s, bring the kind of risk protection institutional investors are familiar with to crypto markets. They will likely assuage some of the reservations money managers have about cryptocurrency. Exchange hacks are common and institutional-grade crypto custody would serve as an excellent honeypot for cybercriminals. For this wealthier class of investor, the risks crypto presents are already enough. Also worrying about investments suddenly disappearing to hackers is far too much risk for some.