Giant Crypto Transfers: $143.8 Million in Ethereum on the Move

Whale Ethereum and Bitcoin Crypto Transfers
Whale Ethereum and Bitcoin Crypto Transfers

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A trio of huge Ethereum Crypto transfers is making waves in the world of crypto.

In a span of just 10 minutes, a total of 785,997 ETH worth $143.8 million was moved out of a single Ethereum wallet to a wallet of unknown origin.

The crypto whale tracker Whale Alert speculates that the trades may be the crypto exchange Bitstamp moving funds around.

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The funds appear to have originated from a Bitstamp cold wallet.

Bitcoin whales are also surfacing at the start of the week.

Blockchain data shows that 2,850 BTC worth $23.4 million has moved in just the last 24 hours. Two of the transfers involve crypto moving from exchanges to unknown wallets.

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The third is a transfer of 1,200 BTC to the crypto exchange Bitfinex.

Right now, Bitcoin is down 1.09% at $8,364, according to CoinMarketCap. Ethereum is up 0.98% at $186.49.

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