Global Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bitrue Launches New Yield Farming Hub

Bitrue, a progressive cryptocurrency exchange that provides a simple, fast and efficient environment for users to manage digital assets, is launching a new yield farming Hub on the 10th of January, 2022.

Since its launch in 2018 in Singapore by a team of competent, proficient and skilled crypto experts led by the high profile Cruis wang, Bitrue has lived up to its forecasts by helping users maximize their financial investments through various innovative introductions in the Crypto space.  Over time, the exchange has experienced immense growth and popularity with offices in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

In March 2020, it ranked 64th in Coinmarket cap listing and recorded $218m twenty-four-hour tradings. Furthermore, in April 2021, It witnessed a 500% increase with an exchange slightly above $1.2billion.

This underlines the consistent growth and reliability of the platform.

Bitrue philosophy is putting users first, and efforts are always made to improve user experience by strengthening security, developing fresh designs while maintaining a superb trading landscape.

What the New Hub represents

Yield Farming offers enormous promise and is one of the best options to store funds while allowing farmers to earn significantly more than they would through traditional banking institutions.

With this new hub, users will farm coins and maximize their yield at 150% annual percentage rate (APR) or more while selecting from diverse staking periods out of the over 20 pools that will be available at launch in a manner similar to Defi pools.

This cutting-edge innovation will be driven by Bitrue coin BTR, the native platform token of Bitrue designed to brace all Bitrue businesses that cut across wealth management programs, voting for listings, trading fee deductions, cash deposits for projects, and loans programs.

The Hub has tremendous benefits to all parties involved, from the users, partners, to the organization itself, and the prospect of this project is very exciting.

It will strengthen existing relationships with users and partners while simultaneously accommodating new users interested in maximizing profit while securing their digital assets.

Other Innovative projects of Bitrue

The new Hub joins other revolutionary financial services of Bitrue that optimize users’ investment, e.g., Powerpiggy bonus interest that allows users to increase their interest rate on Powerpiggy from 7.3℅ to 10% based on how much BTR they possess; BTR fee deductions that would enable for trading fees to be reduced by 40% if paid in BTR; lockup personal caps with interest rates ranging from 10.2% to 17.3%  and the dusting feature that enables you to convert spare coins to BTR for transactions.


BTR powers a wide range of services and is unique for its explicit usage in optimizing investment returns. This is why it is considered the World’s first Yield Token.

The Hub will massively improve income quality from financial investments, and the impact is already evident on price action since the announcement was made.

You are encouraged to stock up on BTR to access the feature.

To access the new yield farming hub, visit