Google can now solve cryptography issues with Quantum Supremacy


A post on NASA’s website claimed that Google had achieved quantum supremacy. The post was up on the website very briefly. A quantum computer has the potential to solve the cryptography issues. Google claimed that it solved a calculation in 3 minutes and 20 seconds that would 10,000 years for the current supercomputer Summit.

According to a Financial Times report, Google posted a document in which they claimed to have reached “quantum supremacy.” The post was briefly upon NASA’s website before being removed. In that report, Google claimed that its processor was able to perform a calculation in 3 minutes and 20 seconds that would take today’s most advanced supercomputer, Summit around 10,000 years.

This is a major milestone in the field of quantum computing. But Google has not confirmed anything about it. In a Quantum computer, the fundamental unit of computation is a quantum bit or qubit. Classical computer use binary codes one and zero.

Experts believe that quantum computers can break cryptography issues and encryption that current IT companies are built on. Quantum computers can solve the problems that classical computers can. However, it is unknown how large scale quantum would have to be break cryptography. Even if quantum computers solve the cryptography, it won’t be the end as researchers have been working on post-quantum secure cryptography for many years.

Experts have long talked about the “quantum-threat” looming around the corner, but it seems like it is here. However, it is not anytime soon that a quantum computer would be able to break cryptography.

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