Google Debuts New Upgrades with Advanced AI Capabilities


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According to recent reports, Google launched a variety of upgrades to the company’s search engine on August 15, which includes advanced generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that it claims would improve the accuracy of information discovery and interpretation.

Google Deepens Ties with AI

The latest version of the software continues to utilize a basis of the company’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), which went live in beta previously this year. SGE provides users with AI-driven contextual overviews and tips to improve their search outcomes. 

The New SGE Function

The recently introduced SGE function is now undergoing preliminary testing. Once enabled, viewers can obtain an AI-generated summary of the page’s major subjects by tapping a button while browsing a web page. Each point has a connection with the respective part, allowing for rapid navigation within extensive or sophisticated publications.

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As stated by Rany Ng, Google’s product lead, this method assists people in “enhancing comprehension and understanding of information,” whether they’re trying to comprehend complex concepts or find specific information.

Surge in Development of AI Projects

Artificial intelligence (AI) generative is set to concern with creating new material from already existing sources. ChatGPT, a popular method, is said to be capable of producing text-based outputs such as poetry and summaries based on prior information. 

Latest SGE upgrades focus on technological comprehension of the subject. The highlighted syntax will be shown in AI-generated coding summaries, which will make understanding easier. Similar to this, when you click on unknown words in AI-generated responses, meanings and pertinent visuals will appear.

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Google Ventures into Crypto

Google recently announced a major change to its mobile application business policy. This enables developers to easily include NFTs into their games via Google’s Play app store, creating new opportunities for innovation, revenue generation, and user engagement. Mythical Games and Reddit, which has seen tremendous success with its crypto wallets and NFT avatars, are two notable Google Play partners for the new regulation.

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