Google Floats Cloud-based Blockchain Node Engine for Web3.0

To help Web3.0 developers build and deploy new products on Blockchain-based platforms, the American multinational technology company Google has recently announced the launch of its Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) based on Google Cloud. 

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According to an October 27 announcement, the node is a device such as a laptop, server, or computer which has a detailed copy of the transaction history of the blockchain. With this, instead of Web3.0 developers relying on a central entity to store and validate data, they will make use of the BNE.

Unlike the self-nodes that are difficult to use with their constant maintenance, the BNE is fully managed and requires zero need for node operators.

Interestingly, Ethereum happens to be the first blockchain supported by Blockchain Node Engine. Ethereum intends to allow developers to fully manage their nodes with maximum blockchain access.

Google cloud BNE scale node syncing

Furthermore, Web3.0 developers will benefit a lot from the launch of the node. On a normal basis, syncing a node takes a lot of time and installation but with Google Cloud’s BNE it becomes faster and less difficult. Users will be able to access a new node with a single operation specifying their preferred region and network.

Similarly, the node gives maximum security to developers for configuration thereby averting unauthorized access to the nodes. Also, the Blockchain’s node is always available at any time and also managed optimally.

The tech giant is not relenting in its growth as it has the intention of supporting organizations with blockchain node services. Organizations will in return focus more on innovations as well as scaling their Web3.0 applications.

In addition, Cloud Armor, a Google Cloud service will also assist to protect nodes from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

The web is evolving and will not stop, and as Google is benefitting tremendously from the open-source technologies, it intends to contribute.

Meanwhile, Google recently partnered with Coinbase to accept crypto for its cloud services. The deal set to begin next year will afford customers in the Web3 cryptocurrency payments via an integration with the Coinbase Commerce Service.

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