Google Play Updates Policy Allowing NFTs and Tokenized Assets

American tech giant Google has updated its policies on app hosting on Play Store permitting NFT and tokenized asset innovations

Google has announced a significant update to its mobile software marketplace policy. Application developers can now seamlessly integrate NFTs into their games through Google’s Play app store, opening up new avenues for creativity, monetization, and user engagement.

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The announcement was made by Joseph Mills, Google Play Group Product Manager, on Wednesday. With this policy change, Google joins the ranks of companies recognizing the potential of NFTs to revolutionize the gaming industry and enhance the overall user experience.

Google Prioritizes Users’ Safety

In the latest policy update, Google recognizes the importance of maintaining user trust in the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology. As part of this commitment, Google Play now requires transparency from developers regarding tokenized digital assets within their apps.

Google Play’s commitment to maintaining a safe and fair environment extends to its policy on Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests. In accordance with this policy, apps that do not meet the eligibility requirements for gambling cannot accept money for a chance to win assets of unknown real-world monetary value, including NFTs.

Mills highlighted that developers are prohibited from promoting or glamorizing any potential earnings from playing or trading activities related to tokenized digital assets. This safeguard helps to maintain a fair and responsible environment for all users.

Google’s Proactive Approach

Remarkably, the company has taken a proactive approach by involving a select group of developers to test the new policy before its wider rollout to all developers on Google Play later this year.

Google’s goal in conducting these tests is to ensure that the policy is implemented smoothly and to receive valuable input from developers. This collaborative approach enables fine-tuning and refining of the implementation process, resulting in a more robust and user-friendly experience after the policy is fully implemented.

Notable Google Play partners for the new policy include Mythical Games, and Reddit, which has recorded huge success from its crypto wallets and NFT avatars.

Google vs Apple in the NFT Space

While Google is taking steps to update its policies regarding tokenized digital assets, Apple has maintained a cautious stance on the digital asset ecosystem, including NFTs. Apple has imposed additional costs on NFT sales, which may not be in line with the preferences of the majority of NFT authors.

Apple’s current guidelines allow apps to list, mint, transfer, and display existing NFTs to users. However, the rules hinder NFT owners from accessing extra functions within the software.

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