Hashed CEO fails to attend parliamentary inquiry on Terra disaster due to ‘mental problems’

Hashed CEO Kim Seo-joon didn't show up for a South Korean parliament inquiry on his company regarding the Terra disaster.

Kim Seo-joon, CEO of Hashed and an early adopter of the wrecked LUNC cryptocurrency, didn’t show up for a South Korean parliament inquiry on Hashed regarding the Terra disaster.

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He cleared that his absence from the Political Affairs Committee of the South Korean National Assembly was due to “mental problems,” which he stated to have developed since the dramatic $40 billion wipeout in May 2022, which resulted in a loss of $3.6 billion for Hashed. If this is indeed true or just a facade, is yet to be confirmed.

In a recent story, the executive said to have been “under great stress” since Terra Classic crashed. He also added that his health had gotten worse and that he sought “stability.”

“I have been suffering from anxiety disorders and panic disorders due to extreme mental stress since the Luna-Tera crash,” the head of the VC firm said.

The South Korean parliament chose Seo-joon as one of the six people who’d testify as witnesses for the thorough investigation.

The executive apparently bought 30 million LUNC tokens in the beginning of the project, but the crash cost him most of his investment. In addition to financial losses, South Korean media sources accused Seo-joon for promoting the token’s crash and selling a few of his shares prior to its collapse.

Terra founder not summoned to investigation

Apart from Seo-joon, Bithumb’s Lee Jung-hoon was absent from the parliamentary hearing earlier this month. His absence was caused by a panic attack condition. Despite receiving a red notice from Interpol, controversial Terraform Labs (TFL) CEO and co-founder Do Kwon was not summoned to the investigation. 

Terra founder had been told to give up his passport by the South Korean authorities and potentially get it revoked. It was reported by the Singapore Police Force that Do Kwon went missing from Singapore, just a few days after a spokeswoman for the South Korean prosecutors revealed that six people were the subject of an arrest warrant. 

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