Helium Mobile Debuts Unlimited Phone Plan at $20/month

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Helium Mobile, the self-acclaimed world’s first crypto carrier, announced the launch of an unlimited nationwide plan on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, the United States-restricted plan will provide users with access to unlimited data, text, and talk that costs only $20 per month. This new rate is almost eight times cheaper than the normal rate obtainable in the U.S. for phone plans.

“Helium Mobile’s mission is to bring affordable, reliable cell service to Americans,” per a published statement.

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Helium Cuts Down Regular U.S. Phone Bill 

Notably, the trend amongst major carriers in the last few years has been to quietly reduce data limits, increase contracts tied to phone financing, and raise pricing. Ordinarily, an average American is said to spend as much as $157 in a month on their cellular plan. Considering how cheap Helium’s new rate is, the company is bound to see a massive influx of users.

Helium Mobile decided to go ahead with the offering after completing a limited trial in Miami earlier this year. Users of social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Snap who clamour for access to more data stand to benefit significantly from the new service. 

Americans Get ‘Better’ With Helium 

Amir Haleem, CEO of Nova Labs, parent company of Helium Mobile shared his thoughts on the newly launched service. “Traditional carriers think they have Americans over a barrel. At Helium Mobile, we believe that cell phones are an essential service and unlimited data, text and calls are table stakes”

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“We are tired of carriers that hide high subscription rates, roaming and additional data fees behind free phone upgrades that lock you into years of expensive plans. Americans deserve better,” Haleem added.

Helium Mobile on Solana Blockchain 

Before now, Helium Mobile has been a recognized entity in its industry, with services that fuses the peer-to-peer Helium Network, an internet-of-things project that uses the Solana blockchain, and a nationwide 5G network. It’s been more than one year since the Layer-1 blockchain migrated to the Solana ecosystem. This followed its community’s votes in favour of the Helium Improvement Proposal 70 (HIP 70).

Apart from the no-contract nationwide $20/month phone plan offered by Helium Mobile, users can also explore its hotspot services. Presently, there are over 3000 active mobile hotspots in the network and about 350,000 active hotspots for internet-of-things devices.

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