Here are some real proofs that confirm that Securipop is a scam


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It has become really easy for someone even with an experience in the crypto industry to get scammed by the flood of projects entering the market. These kinds of projects bring a fake product, target investors unaware of where their funds are going, and disappear with all the funds collected. In our search for such projects, we found Securipop, which claims to be a “free and open-source communication platform that leverages decentralized blockchain technology to provide low-cost privacy and reliability.”

Calling itself a solution to today’s communication issues, Securipop displays several red flags for the investors, which results in the TheCoinRise team concluding that the project is a scam.

The Securipop scam has launched a native token called $SECR with a total supply of 10 billion. The platform is trying to scam investors with the name of the presale of its token. 

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Securipop scam highlights

Securipop has marketed its mission to “bring people together in a safe and secure environment so that they can connect, transact business, and thrive in the digital world.” However, the efforts to persuade investors that Securipop is a good investment were in vain as many analysts, including TheCoinRise, warn against it. Here are some of the clear signs that support the project being called the “Securipop scam”:

Fake audit 

When we looked at the project’s website, we saw an audit link claiming that it is audited by the major blockchain security firm CertiK. However, when we entered the mud to investigate and clicked the link, we were directed to the CertiK website, where we found no trace of the project or its approval. It resembles all other scams we recently covered that misused CertiK’s name to scam the innocent crypto population.

No noticeable presence on social media

The social media status of the Securipop scam fully supports its fraudulent nature. Securipop, which claims to be a revolutionary solution to all communication issues, only has 121 followers on its official Twitter account with only a single post about the reiterated Presale announcement. Moreover, the post has no retweets or any single individual confidently supporting it.

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When the team noticed many investors complaining about losing funds and not getting any reasonable solution on Telegram, it dug deeper and asked them if they had a plan to ensure user safety. Here’s the snapshot:

Screenshot of the team response over the query on user safety

Securipop didn’t reply to the question and didn’t even mention audits. It threatened the team member to get removed from its Twitter “community” with around 1,800 members.

Coming to its Instagram account, it also got minimal followers with a single post, further confirming the lack of actual community.

Poor rating and bad reviews by responsible influencers

Securipop is being called out on social media for what it is: a scam token. Unlike other, more prominent crypto projects, the project has more influencers who rate it as a scam than those who do not, and their voices must be heard.

The team spoke with an unaware investor who reported that he had already lost $500 on the project. He stated that he “regrets” investing in the project. We have no idea how much money people may have lost. 

Final thoughts

There’s no doubt in calling Securipop a scam. Many investors are already trapped in its bright, promising, and marketed claims, but we aim to warn our readers to avoid investing in such projects.

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