Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Paying Attention To

Spectre also offers decentralized trading and 24 hour liquid functionalities
Spectre also offers decentralized trading and 24 hour liquid functionalities

If there is one trading platform that should be on everyone’s radar right now, it’s This is a state-of-the-art online trading platform which offers users access to a multitude of global markets including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, ETFs, stocks, digital contracts, CFDs, bonds, and more. Moreover, it offers fraud-free and deposit-free services and features in addition to an easy-to-use interface, round the clock customer support, and even a DeFi Boost wallet.

Understanding Spectre

Through the innovative usage of blockchain technology, in particular the Ethereum blockchain which offers a high level of security and transparency (Spectre utilizes this blockchain for smart contract management), the online trading platform allows traders to register at no cost and start trading in different asset categories as previously mentioned. Most importantly however, Spectre offers these trading capabilities at both high frequency as well as low risk, which ranks it among the top platforms.

Of course, Spectre is not the only digital trading platform out there. When it comes to crypto in particular, most would initially think of mainstays like Coinbase and Binance. While it is true that these platforms are widely utilized and offer much, Spectre also offers decentralized trading and 24 hour liquid functionalities which helps make its model unique. Furthermore, it offers 70% to 400% ROI on the aforementioned asset classes as well as on fiat currencies along with the platform’s own financial trading products, ‘EPICs’ and ‘Reverse Futures.’ Spectre will hence undoubtedly continue to attract traders from all over the world because it offers deposit-free trading capabilities on a variety of assets from 1 second to a day, almost 24 hours a day, from as little as only $1.

Additionally, Muslim traders can enjoy Shariah-compliant trading options with no interest and there is also a free demo account available for those who wish to try out the platform’s services before committing any real funds. Other notable aspects like Hyper API and the SIP (Spectre Incentive Program) also round up the list of features accessible to users when they sign up.

Spectre’s ‘Trader’s Bay’

The ‘Trader’s Bay’ feature of is essentially an online store already incorporated into the platform. It provides all kinds of privileges and upgrades which Spectre’s users can use via a relatively affordable subscription service. There is a daily fee for this service however the users have the option of unsubscribing if need be. Some examples of the benefits that Trader’s Bay provides include charms, spells, and enhancements. Among the new features are ‘Chains,’ which provide 400% payouts, ‘Jumbo trades,’ which are useful as they effectively double the maximum size of any given trade allocation, and finally ‘Waterfall,’ which increases the maximum amount of open positions available. Spells in particular enable users to increase FX payouts by up to 5%. On a regular basis, new spells, enhancements, and charms will be added over time.

Is Spectre worth it?

As cryptocurrencies usually contain a certain level of anonymity, fraudulent entities have previously utilized them for illegal purposes like terrorist financing and money laundering. Security is thus paramount, which is why Spectre prioritizes the safety of its users at all times in order to ensure that they can keep trading without having to worry about any kind of potential breach or exploitation. Also, Spectre employs cutting-edge crowd-sourced technology to link traders with one another. The platform can even connect them against an embedded liquidity pool. Spectre’s services are unfortunately not available in all corners of the world yet, most notably the U.S, but the platform has nevertheless managed to gain about 140K users to date and has expanded its influence and broker-free services into key strategic regions within both Africa as well as Asia.

Users of the platform would also be able to trade directly against a Decentralized Autonomous Liquidity Pool (DALP), which is publicly owned and available throughout the week at all times. Thus far, Spectre has experienced four successful years since launch and shows no signs of slowing down. It is also the only trading platform which gamifies trading. As digital trading continues to skyrocket in terms of both popularity and usage, it is no wonder as to why top platforms like this one are emerging at an accelerated rate.