Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Paying Attention To Vault Coin In 2022

Vault Coin was created with the goal of breathing new life into the NFT and metaverse space as although the industry continues to be very popular
Vault Coin was created with the goal of breathing new life into the NFT and metaverse space as although the industry continues to be very popular

It is no secret that the NFT industry has absolutely skyrocketed in terms of popularity and usage as of late, with little to no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Having been around since 2014, NFTs are rapidly gaining popularity nowadays as a viable method of purchasing and selling virtual artwork. Since November 2017, a whopping $174 million has been spent on NFTs. NFTs are also typically unique, or at the very least have some level of exclusivity attached to them. This is in sharp contrast to the vast majority of digital creations, the supplies of which are nearly always infinite.

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Additionally, the worldwide metaverse market is projected to continuously expand at a CAGR of 47.2% during the forecast period, from $61.8 billion in 2022 to $426.9 billion by 2027. A rise in demand in the media and entertainment and gaming industries, evolving opportunities from adjacent markets like VR, AR, and MR along with increasing digitalization in the art, fashion, and retail industries are among the main reasons behind the expected rapid growth of the metaverse market.

As such, Vault Coin was created with the goal of breathing new life into the NFT and metaverse space as although the industry continues to be very popular, there are a lot of projects which do not necessarily provide real value and some are little more than scams and rug-pulls waiting to happen.

What is Vault Coin?

It is firstly important to understand what Vault Coin actually is and entails. Vault Coin is a Bitgert network NFT staking platform which permits NFT owners to stake their respective non-fungible tokens and earn staking rewards while trading the staked NFT asset through the Vault marketplace. Moreover, Vault Coin shall utilize its native token $VTC to facilitate the buying and selling of NFTs on the marketplace, and the token will additionally be used to pay out stake rewards for NFTs which are staked.

When it comes to Vault Coin, the team’s overall goal is to create products which cryptocurrency, NFT and metaverse enthusiasts can use. They are determined to provide the best platform on the market and the products that they will create are hence only the start of a new era for NFTs and blockchain. Additionally, the Vault Coin ecosystem shall be collectively working together to create a metaverse where users can interact with one another in a wide range of innovative ways. This is not just for current or future demand either, as Vault Coin will strive to pave the way for widespread adoption of NFTs on the metaverse.

How to participate in Vault Coin?

People who own NFTs will be eligible to partake irrespective of where the NFT came from. Staking as well as trading are the principal methods for market participation.The NFTs can hence be staked in exchange for reward tokens, whereas on the market, traders will be able to buy and sell the NFT. The NFTs can also be ‘flipped’ which involves buying the non-fungible tokens at the lowest possible price and then selling them at the highest price for a huge profit in a process that can be repeated multiple times.

Moreover, the fees collected will be incorporated towards the protocol’s treasury and development funds. The fees will be allocated in the following manner: 40% will go directly to the treasury, 40% will go to the token’s liquidity, and 20% will be added to the development funds. Also, the marketplace transaction fee is 1.5%, the buy tax is 2%, the sell tax is 5%, and the staking fee has yet to be announced.

$VTC, Kunoichi, and ‘The Oasis’

$VTC is a new utility token constructed on the Bitgert network that emphasizes energy efficiency, lower fees, and quicker transactions, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000. The token will be the primary means of payment in the Vault Coin marketplace, as well as the reward token for all staking activities. Furthermore, Vault Coin will devote a significant portion of its tokens to liquidity. Combining $VTC and $BRISE for the development of the Vault Coin’s ecosystem is therefore a top priority.

Kunoichi NFT is a status symbol and a source of prestige, power and influence in the Vault Coin community. Acquiring a Kunoichi NFT grants access to an exclusive social club, which opens up all kinds of unique perks and discounts, new opportunities, and a large network of connections with influencers, enthusiastic individuals, and various other notable people in the space with whom users can connect. Kunoichi will also be experimenting with blockchain technology and the metaverse going forward.

Finally, Vault Coin is creating a metaverse in which all NFTs staked on the platform will be accessible. The team is thus constructing this ‘Oasis’ with the goal of connecting the real world to the metaverse. The focus will hence be on providing a location in the metaverse where people can interact using NFT avatars. The Oasis has all the tools and resources necessary to transform the metaverse space as we know it, and will certainly be one of the main talking points of Vault Coin in the future.

Is Valut Coin worth it after all?

As a disclaimer, the Vault Coin initiative is not an investment nor is it a security because it does not meet the legal definition of a security. Still, the project has every chance of succeeding in the long run and can realistically change the NFT metaverse space for the better. Tokyo Coin, Briseman, AIBRA, CQ Network, and LunaGens are all partners of Vault Coin and actively believe in what the project can accomplish.

In terms of past accomplishments, Vault Coin launched the native token on a DEX in the Bitgert network, and a company was incorporated to offer VC funding to flow into the initiative. Regarding future goals, the team will concentrate on launching the NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and NFT staking platform. Lastly, development of the metaverse will also take precedence. Be sure to check out Vault Coin’s official website and whitepaper for more information as well as the project’s roadmap as this is one initiative that everyone shall be keeping an eye on going forward. Don’t forget to visit the Twitter and Telegram channels too.

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