Hong Kong Police Force Launch CyberDefender Metaverse


The cybersecurity department of the Hong Kong Police Force has launched a new Web3.0 platform dubbed “CyberDefender Metaverse.” 

The platform has three virtual venues including CyberDefender City, the Web3.0-themed Gallery and Auditorium, all of which have been opened to the public. Notably, the metaverse platform is dedicated to sensitizing the public about possible risks associated with Web 3.0 and the metaverse as well. 

Hong Kong CSTCB Warns Public of Cyber Threats

The Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) is focused on introducing strategies to the public which can be used to tackle and prevent technology-based crimes in this digital age.

The platform held its first event which was titled “Exploring the Metaverse”. It was centred around creating awareness about threats, opportunities, and risks linked to Web 3.0 as well as creating a new experience for the public. 

Attendees were advised to remain vigilant when using the metaverse as they would face the same risks that users if the internet are exposed to. Chief Inspector of CSTCB, Mr Ip Cheuk-yu emphasised that “All crimes in the cyberspace could also happen in the metaverse, such as investment fraud, unauthorized access to systems, theft and sexual offences.”

Hong Kong Loses Million of Dollars to Crypto Scams

Since its beta-testing phase which began in mid-May, about 350 individuals have visited the Gallery and the May 27th event had over 120 teenagers, teachers and parents in attendance. 

Hong Kong has had its fair share of crypto scams as well as other virtual hacks. In the first half of last year, crypto-related crimes accounted for 25% of all of its cyber crimes. The Asian country recorded a loss of over $50 million between January 2022 to June 2022 from 798 cases.

By the end of the year, Hong Kong had recorded 2,336 virtual asset-related cases with a loss of $1.7 billion. In Q1 of this year, the Hong Kong police reported a huge loss of $570 million from virtual assets-related crimes.

Interpol Launches Metaverse Office 

Noteworthy, The International Criminal Police Organization, popularly known as Interpol took a similar approach last year to kick against cyber crimes. The agency launched its first-ever metaverse office for law enforcement globally. In this Interpol Metaverse, users can interact with officers using avatars, they can also take training courses in investigation and policing abilities.

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