How to buy Bitcoin Anonymously – Step By Step

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously
Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Do you want to how to buy Bitcoin anonymously? Don’t have an ID and still want to buy Bitcoin? There sure are ways that allow you to purchase Bitcoin without leaving a trail thereby remaining completely anonymous.

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Methods to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously – Quick Overview

  1. Bitcoin ATMs
  2. Paxful
  3. Prepaid Cards with P2P Exchange
  4. Bisq
  5. Coin Mama
  6. Buy Directly from miners

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin automatic-teller machines provide a natural alternative to online marketplaces. Nowadays, Bitcoin ATMs are located in most major metropolitan cities around the globe. All you need will be a loaded debit or credit card. Almost no oversight is what adds to the anonymity factor. To add another layer of secrecy, you can get yourself a pre-paid debit card that will further complicate the paper trail you leave behind.

Most ATMs don’t require any sort of ID or verification. There may be some that ask for a fingerprint identification or similar biometric verification. However, they are far and few. Majority of them are simple ‘buy-and-go’ points that help you quickly pocket some Bitcoins anonymously.

ATMs with highest anonymity factor are the ones that accept cash since they totally eliminate the traces of a transaction. These are the perfect way for such hidden purchases. The only downside is that with rising Bitcoin prices, your purchase is limited. Also, these are located in public places and thus large cash transactions are not possible. You will be at risk of being videographed by CCTV cameras entering thousands of dollars in cash into the ATM with probably many spectators around.

Buying Bitcoin at ATMs isn’t totally discrete either. ATMs with credential verification are fast gaining ground. Still, they are a better alternative when compared to ID-intensive exchanges. If you are looking to circumvent KYC regulations, it may seem like a good idea.

Do I need ID for a Bitcoin ATM?

Buying Bitcoin at ATMs isn’t totally discrete either. ATMs with credential verification are fast gaining ground. Still, they are a better alternative when compared to ID-intensive exchanges. If you are looking to circumvent KYC regulations, it may seem like a good idea.

Do Bitcoin ATMs charge a fee?

Yes. The usual fee ranges from 7% to 10% of the transaction. Sometimes, the fee is included in the exchange rate.


Paxful is truly a versatile platform in terms of Bitcoin buying options. Besides the digital route, it also helps you connect with potential sellers of Bitcoin who are willing to deal in cash and in person.

An alias email can be used to register with Paxful. Furthermore, their ID verification process is also optional that further provides cover over your transaction. Since you will most likely be dealing in cash with the seller, the documentation part will be minimal.

It is worth mentioning here that Paxful sellers usually don’t like anonymous buyers. However, trusted profiles don’t face any issues since you will be paying in cash.

Prepaid Cards with P2P Exchanges

Prepaid cards are an amazing way to mask your digital transactions. Simply go to your local financial service provider or mart and buy a prepaid debit card with some cash. Its now ready to be used at various online peer-to-peer exchanges to purchase the Bitcoin. Most exchanges require absolutely zero or minimal ID verification.

Creativity can help you stay anonymous. Think in barter system terms and you will be able to snap amazing deals on digital currencies by exchanging anything. For example, you can swap gift cards to buy Bitcoins. Or you can deal in person and strike a deal using just about any valuable items/materials.

Online exchanges won’t allow you to deal using barter system. However, they are an excellent place to connect with potential sellers. If they agree on cash, you can certainly enter a good deal using prepaid debit cards and stay anonymous.


Finding a platform that doesn’t succumb to government’s pressures of KYC isn’t easy. But Bisq is a rare gem in this context!

Bitsquare (or Bisq) is a famous peer-to-peer marketplace that deals in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins. Its USP is that you don’t need any verification, email ID or name for buying Bitcoins. It employs Tor browser to further mask the identity of its users.

Moreover, none of the Bitcoins or fiat is held on their own servers. These are stored in multi-signature addresses and not in a conventional Bisq regulated digital wallet. Fiat is transferred directly from the buyer to the seller and Bisq has no jurisdiction here. Currently, more than 126 cryptocurrencies are supported by the platform.

Some users may complain about its low liquidity and low spot prices but they can’t argue about its privacy credentials. Wide range of payment methods even includes face-to-face buying/selling. Furthermore, if you are using bank transfer or e-wallet, you can disguise the payment’s purpose by masking it as ‘freelance project’ or ‘online video editing services’.


For small Bitcoin transactions below $150, nothing beats Coin Mama in terms of privacy. Think of it as a beginner’s exchange that can get things done easily the very first time. If you know how to buy Bitcoin anonymously, you can buy worth $150 without any verification or any ID card.

The buy limit is extremely low but provides a gateway to the crypto realm. Most sellers here don’t bother exchanging small Bitcoins without any background check.

Ensure that you have a proper Bitcoin wallet available. Free Bitcoin paper wallet can be created from many websites such as within a few minutes. Also, make sure that private and public keys are properly secured.

Buy directly from miners

Perhaps, the best way to stack Bitcoins anonymously is to buy directly from the miners. Time to time, Bitcoin miners have to unload their tokens including the freshly minted ones that are often available at a premium.

Search for a miner who wishes to convert his newly minted Bitcoins into cash and you have got a deal in your hands. You can deal in other crypto, cash or any valuable item as agreed upon with the miner. There would be absolutely zero paper trail plus the new tokens carry no transaction history burden.

However, finding a crypto-miner is easier said than done. If you find one, it is possibly the best way to buy Bitcoin without verification.

More Information on being anonymous

Before it became the ubiquitous digital cryptocurrency, most people thought that Bitcoin is anonymous. However, since global ledgers are publicly shared and everything is recorded meticulously, there is actually no mystery about Bitcoin. So, when people make the purchase through normal routes by sharing their ID, the trail can be used to reach back to the owner through blockchain transactions.

No wonder more people are exploring methods that help them own a Bitcoin and still maintain their anonymity. To cater to this market, many companies deal in secretive sale/purchase of Bitcoins. That being said, buyers have to learn many tricks and tips to stay anonymous. There are portals that allow purchase with minimal ID verification. Furthermore, you can buy using hard cash that helps cover your tracks digitally. There are tools such as VPN, TOR and coin mixers further helps hide the identity of the owner.

Note that purchasing Bitcoin anonymously will certainly lead to more inconvenience. So, this is a sacrifice you have to make.

Why stay anonymous buying bitcoin?

Bitcoin owners have their personal reasons to hide under a cloak. It could be government regulations, fear of being hacked or simply buying new alternate investment vehicles. Increasing your privacy provides a better cover from potential attacks.

It is worth noting that privacy is only relative in the crypto realm. The blockchain architecture itself is highly secure. But human involvement increases the chances of fraud and scams! Most exchanges broadcast the exact IP addresses of users thereby helping unmask their identities. Pseudonyms, too, can go only up to a certain extent.

The transparency in public crypto ledgers also exposes user data to the general public. Coin control features in the Bitcoin wallets are another loophole commonly exploited by the fraudsters. This leakage in identity further makes you a potential target. Hence the need to go anonymous.

Conclusion – How to buy Bitcoin anonymously

Staying anonymous is a quest in the crypto world. The methods discussed above do provide a healthy cover from the authorities but sophisticated techniques can ultimately track down the owner of the Bitcoin.

It’s up to you, how much anonymity you require. You can mix and match these methods to increase cover. That being said, there’s always room for error! For example, small details like IP or wi-fi hotspot can help zero in on the end-user. Sellers can track you from vehicle or mobile number during the personal meetings.

These practical methods are proven to work in the real world for nominal transaction amounts. Every day more new ways to buy Bitcoin anonymously are discovered by avid crypto users. And we do our best to publish all the latest tips and tricks for our users.

Do you know more ways to stay anonymous while buying Bitcoin? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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