Humanoid Robot ‘Grace’ to be powered by Cardano


The Cardano blockchain has been reportedly chosen to pilot the powering of the AI modules of Grace, a humanoid robot.

Grace, who is said to be fluent in both the Korean and English languages, is actually designed by Awakening Health and SingularityNET. The robot nurse will be quite a useful one, even on the commercial scale, as it is said to be employable in both elderly care, and in general healthcare. More so, because the robotics industry has generally received a massive boost ever since the pandemic, demand for it in the market should not be a problem.

Grace is also said to be equipped with powerful artificial intelligence that makes it capable of simulating at least 48 facial muscles. This will help it to hold meaningful conversations and interact amazingly well with patients.

How will Cardano really help with the robot nurse?

The partnership with Cardano will undoubtedly optimize and improve the robot’s performance. And also in addition to this, Cardano will make the humanoid robot more secure so as to be able to protect patients’ medical records and data.

According to Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, the robot will definitely have access to confidential informations about its medical patients and elderly folks in its care. And to keep these informations safe and secure, the security of the Cardano platform would really come in handy.

Recall that during the Cardano Summit 2021, Goertzel was boasting that his company could now do many interesting things that were not so possible before. Then, he gave his reasons as being that Plutus affords them a lot of permissions that Solidity used to hold his company back from. Well Grace, the robot nurse, could just be one of those interesting things he mentioned.

Goertzel also confirmed during the summit, that as promised last September, the launching of the AGIX token on the Cardano mainnet is quite close.

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