Immutable Secures Partnership with AWS to Support Web3 Gaming

Immutable has confirmed in an announcement that AWS had included them in its ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Accelerate Program. 

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The Australia-based Web3 gaming company, Immutable has joined forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to broaden the possibilities available to game developers.

Immutable Announces AWS Integration

Immutable made the announcement in a blog post on October 10th, stating that AWS had included them in its ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Accelerate Program. 

Becoming Part of AWS Activate

As per the report, this program is designed for organizations that offer software solutions designed to run on or integrate with AWS. This initiative presents an opportunity for developers aiming to construct an Immutable’s blockchain, as they can now become part of AWS Activate. By doing so, they gain access to valuable incentives, including technical support, training, and a substantial $100,000 in AWS cloud credits.

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Web3 Gaming Adoption is Increasing

The gaming sector has consistently been a pioneer in embracing technological progress. The rise of Web3 and its integration into gaming has ushered in a fresh era characterized by decentralized gaming encounters.

John Kearney, who serves as the Head of Startups for AWS in Australia, expressed that Immutable stands as an exemplary case of an Australian startup that has achieved global success. He also reiterated AWS’s dedication to fostering the growth of Web3 game development through its infrastructure.

Immutable Addresses Concerns of Centralization

In an October 11 report to Fortune, Michael Powell, the Product Marketing Lead at Immutable, addressed and eased some of the concerns that had been previously voiced regarding the centralization of gaming and Ethereum.

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He said: “A lot of blockchain purists are very big into the idea of decentralization and that everything has to be on-chain and that’s a massive deviation from where game developers actually build.”

Meanwhile, in July of the previous year, the company unveiled its first-ever $500 million investment fund dedicated to developers and ventures. This funding was earmarked for the purpose of financing and providing support to projects within the realm of Web3 gaming and startups focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) operating on the company’s Ethereum-based layer-2 platform, Immutable X.

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